Full Moon Tray In July Season

On the occasion of the full moon offer of July, Vietnamese people often do three trays are the Buddha's tray, worshiping the Fairy, Than Linh and the trays of them in the middle of the year. The opportunity to harvest, just a ceremony of Vu Lan Hieu, according to the custom of Vietnamese people, the full moon offering ceremony in July is one of the important rituals of the year. On this day, many Vietnamese people make the Buddha rice rice, Spirit, Fairies and offerings for wandering souls (offerings). Insurance 2021, to ensure the requirements in the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic, avoid exercises, avoid traveling when not needed Thiet, families can take advantage of simple ingredients in the house, making the trays shown into and remembering the source of the source. On the presentation of the first time, the folk artist folk snow That, there is no specific provisions on the crop tray

. Each tray will depend on the conditions of each family. However, Anh Tuyet folk artists also have their own notes about the trays of the Nghe Tuyet Artisan, many families who only worshiped and worshiped sentient beings, Ai Buddha's ceremony to show off the Buddha. Buddha worship is usually vegetarian as fruits like fruits, filtered water, confectionery
.. Fairy worship, godsIf buddha worship is a vegetarian ceremony, the galvan worship is saline. Rice with arbitrary items or old days old grandparents who love to eat. We are worshiped with sentient beings, simple items to choose from: rice, salt, white porridge, popcorn, bim bim, Small cake, candy ... Linh Giang (General)

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