Full Moon Worship In July Translation: Shopping For Gold ‘online’

Due to complex movements, many families have prepared full moon offerings in July by buying 'online'. Therefore, the code gold is also 'catching up' trends, which are sold on e-commerce or social networks.0: 00/3: Southern subdomains in July is considered one of the big holidays In the year with many special meanings. Accordingly, families often prepare full-time dormitory trays in July quite sophisticated, golden can be prepared more than usual with the meaning that will send necessary items to hidden relatives and "linh linh The place of rebendment ". Yellow code code on the e-commerce floor now, full moon in July at the right time many provinces and cities across the country are implementing social distance, shopping in markets, supermarkets Part less "crowded"

. However, the golden trading people have quickly opened the "Online", even selling on e-commerce floors (e-commerce) to serve the needs of the people. The gold code is sold on the Commercial floor. Probately on some e-commerce floors such as Shopee, Sendo, Lazada,
.. many gold products, the code was sold. Buyers can easily find products such as clothing, gold money or buy according to "Feastware Set". The price is quite affordable, if "Set of Feast" is sufficient about 300,000 VND. Delivery services on e-commerce floors are still guaranteed, customers can receive goods after 1-2 days of ordering. According to the introduction from the booths, gold products, the code is just like the image posted Download on the introduction page, ensure beautiful quality, the clothes have been folded, the buyer does not spend time self-spending as before. In addition to the code gold, many booths are also sold with ceremony and other ..
N.T.N. (Cau Giay District, Hanoi) said, she often bought goods on Shopee. She often selects family consumer products, good quality and affordable prices. At this July's full moon, she also tried to search for code gold and she ordered 1 set of ceremonies for 340,000 VND. She received the goods after 2 days of ordering, the packaging is quite fine, not affected with product quality. According to Ms. N., if calculating a set of items at such a price is cheaper than she went to buy at the market as every year. Wholesale and retail "bustle" on Facebook on Facebook social network, gold items are also rooked Sell a bustling way. There are even many groups to serve to sell these products. Just looking with the phrase "selling gold code", buyers can see a series of groups such as "wholesale gold code Vietnam", "gold trading code for year round", "gold trafficking , talibrium, worshiping ", ... some groups on Facebook for those who need to buy and sell gold. Group members, buyers can also view posts, have full phone numbers to order easily. The image of the product is also full by the seller, very "eye-catching", diverse from gold, money, clothes to houses, vehicles, jewelry, ... usually sellers on Facebook will Use city delivery service. Ship fee will be higher than the delivery service on the e-commerce floor but the buyer will receive in the day. The code of the code is given by business people on Facebook Personal. According to Mr. LTB, (Cau Giay District, Hanoi) , this July's full moon, his wife also placed a "online" ceremony, limiting the market, avoiding winter contact. He also suddenly suddenly when his wife ordered a yellow code "Online", he also tried to learn online and found many diverse gold products, very affordable prices. "If the code gold has been sold online, women should order, and quickly limit the go out. I also support online trafficking at this time, "Britain B. said.Lan Anh

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