Funny, Funny ‘go To The Market In Time’

Going to the market through stamps and online purchases is the two forms applied by many people in the translation. However, the two forms of the market also brought the "bad cries laugh'.0: 00/3: 51 male 5:30 am to the time of Trinh Thu Hang in Ha Dong district, Hanoi must wake up, Quickly prepare and bring trailers to the market. Because 1 week only goes to a 3-day market, each time you use the ballframe on the list from the previous night, enlisting early to buy enough food for the whole family. "It is very difficult in going to the market in the morning Mai because I still have to go to the agency, have to get up early to arrange the time to go to the market and prepare for breakfast for the family, time will be stacked, not the same day, can buy food before, bright Mai omnidable "- Ms

. Hang said. In anything familiar, it has to change, especially to adapt during the episodes, because of it, sleep, sleep too about the stamps, determine the whole house shining. Cheerful, because after 3 weeks of distance, Ms
Hang as well as many housewives in the family are accustomed to the form of a stamp market, arrange reasonable time and have effective market solutions. " The first time has not been familiar with, Monday is when I go to the market according to needs, like I go, missing that I can run into the market, you can respond and buy it but when I have this coupon, I have to calculate the time time. I have a method, this week I will see how to eat, eat what things will list, then go to the market for about several days and buy enough for 3 days, so what to arrange to buy , Eating what "- Ms Hang added. With Ms. Van, Vinh Tuy Ward (Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi) shared:" Now to take advantage, because translate people concentrate, meet each other , so it is reasonable to stamp for everyone to be reasonable and economically saved. For example, a family has a vote of a market, 3 times a week, how do I use it, how to eat, "It is said," Registered, who in the ward goes to the market, but many people still have The habit of going to the old market - where it is not strictly regulated on the ballot stamp, so you have to turn and find the market in your location. Because the market is too far away or does not arrange the time to buy food, some people have chosen the form of online market. However, this form also brings "bad crying" situations. The refrigerator is a big refrigerator to store food for all 1 weeks, who misses online too hands, so exciting the spending. Le Thi Nga in Thuy Khue (Tay Ho District, Hanoi) or go Online market said, "From the beginning I also arrange the intention to buy it under the listed table
However, then a lot of items are declining prices or new products, and then choose to buy ones outside the original plan. Many times put 2.3 single to 1 at the same time without knowing when the order is ". Then after the innocent orders or buying the food does not guarantee when going to the market online, some people have chosen Ordering solutions at trust addresses or online ordering on the e-commerce floor of supermarket systems. "I or order of AEON supermarket, fresh clothes every day, reasonable price. Ordering a address, it is necessary to balance the amount of spending, but put on Facebook, many addresses, just do not know how to quality, it is difficult to control the spending "- Mr. Tran Hung in Minh Khai ( Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi) said. Take the need to go to the online market of people, some processed food stores and food distribution companies have improved product quality, directly connected with Consumers to ensure the right needs and reasonable prices in the Deluxe. Le Anh Nguyet - Traditional specialty shop owner, Thuy Khue, Hanoi said: "The items I do are easy to preserve , for users, shorten guests' time in preparing rice for the whole family. Let your guests always follow themselves and care about the dishes they do, the first material must be standard, with traceability. Monday is the technique of cooking to be persistent, has a new mind to absorb customers ". Did the market in any form, no denying the disease has changed the daily shopping habits of the people. The epidemic is still complicated, indicating a social way is still enforcing to prevent cases of infections in the community, people need to calculate, reasonable spending to ensure stable family economy in the time Translate. Feen is fortunate because we still have cozy meals with their dear family ./. Thuy Tien / VOV1

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