Fur In These 3 Positions Are The Best Do Not Shave The Health

On the body there are several areas that are required to develop naturally develop naturally, without removing. If deliberately shaved or regular hair removal, the body will be hurt. In fact, both men and women should take care of their health and beauty, their appearance daily. However, health care and beauty must also be true, if no health declines, the body is also worse, loses more. In the number of beauty ways, many people have a habit of hair removal, shaving Fur, plucking to ensure aesthetics

. However, on the body there are several areas that are required to have naturally developed hair, without removing, otherwise the body will be vulnerable, with 3 positions regardless of male or female should not Authentic hair removal, shaving, if not harmful to health.1. Axillary fur: there is a dense armpoid fur person, with a sparse armpit fur, but most people, especially women will choose hair removal, shaving, or removal of armpit with lasers to ensure Bao aesthetics when wearing items
In fact, health professionals have shown that, do not shave the armpits, because the armpit hair can help us protect the skin under the armpit - a relatively fragile skin area , vulnerable, without proper care, dirt, easily invasive bacteria that cause inflammation. When the armpit fur exists, these hairs can reduce friction on the skin, can also help them We excrete sweat, better metabolism, help detoxify lymphatic cells in the armpit in a timely manner. Nose fur: The nasal fur of some developers are quite strong, if so natural, the nose will show outside the nostrils, which is significantly affected to our appearance. However, this is not the reason for you to spit or shave the nose. Furstestly, each time the nose long beyond the nostrils, you just need to remove the nose coat, it is not necessary to use tools Dedicated hair removal to shave the nose. Reality, nose hair has a very good nose protection effect, can close most of the dust from outside through the road to breathe. In other words, nostrils are natural membranes, if we shave with a nasal hair, it can cause the nasal cavity to be infected or respiratory infections, bronchitis or lungs and clear infections.3. Feathering: Some of you have very small feet, fragrant fur, sharp but have long-legged hairs, bold colors, losing aesthetic so they choose to remove hair, shave feathers. Large, it can help us protect legs, helping us prevent mosquito bites, sweat excretion and toxins
If you try to handle the shaver regularly, the hair follicles will be damaged, causing the infection and can cause the skin to fall into allergies. So in normal times, to ensure health, We should not shave in these three parts, because if the shaver may often cause certain lesions to the body and harm to health, whether men or women have to pay attention. Quarter readers Watch videos: Exfoliating face more effectively than the spa. Video source: Vinmec.Iture (according to QQ)

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