Further 6 Years, The World Can Watch The Revival Mammoth

If successful, after about 6 years, the Earth will see the giant ghost elephant extinct 9: 00/3: 17 Nandong LAMM (left) and Church genetics. Photo: Colossaltheo CNBC channel, more than two years ago, Ben Lam Technology Entrepreneurs met Harvard's famous geneticist George Church in his laboratory in Boston (USA). Their conversation is a catalyst to establish a colossal startup company, just launched on September 13 / 9. Overview and "crazy" part of colossal is to create a completely new animal like a species Giant ghost elephants with genetic interference techniques on Asian elephants so that it can resist the temperature in the North Pole. The project was launched for a few years but no one financed enough capital to implement

. Now, the company has a USD 15 million for capital calls from many investors. Corossal's CEO is LAMM.Gi, Church is a famous geneticist at Harvard University and has more than 100 patents
So far, the ambition to revive Mr. Church's ghost elephant is just a dream. With the project of the colossal company, it can take 6 years to create a mammoth. The project supporters for that "reundry" the Arctic with ghost elephants can reduce global warming by reducing the permanent melting process that inside has many meters of methane. 10,000 years ago. The final population existed 4,000 years ago. About the gene, the ghost elephant is quite like Asian elephants. Mr. Church said: "Asian elephants are in danger and we want to preserve this species. There are two things that make this species dangerous
The first is herpes virus. The second is living near humans. So we want to solve both problems and give them a new home, where there is a lot of space and almost no people, like in Northern Canada, Alaska and Siberia ". The goal of colossal is created Out of an Asian elephant has been modified genes, capable of antiviral herpes and fighting tape weather. I will have a shape and behavior like a ghost elephant. It seems like science fiction but Mr. Church said he was confident that he would be able to edit the Asian elephant gene because he used to do The same thing in pigs - species that he corrected 42 times in cells. He said: "After that, we can put these cells into the animal by taking the human, the cell of the cell DNA, into the cell Eggs and then grow into pigs ". He said pigs corrected genes enough healthy to be used in transplanting parts in pre-clinical trials. According to Mr. Church, it is possible to use the technology for the elephant. First, the gene editing elephant will be included in a technical uterine, then it will grow in a bag like artificial uterus that scientists Used to feed sheep in 2017.Colossal wants to coordinate with Russian scientists to raise mammoths in Pleistocene Park, a Nature Reserve along Kylyma in northeastern Siberia. The goal is to let the ghost become part of the long-term plan to restore the tundra in a prehistoric situation, ie there are grass instead of trees. If these ghost elephants revive this can grow in Arctic, they will help reduce the number of trees and make the grass to be back. The grass reflects the better sunshine than the dark trunks living there. In addition, the ghost elephant can make the snow be tighter, reduce the likelihood of melting. This tonsils will cool the ecosystem, thereby reducing the situation of discharge into an epicestone deep in the permanent ice Nine - a major factor that makes the globe warm up. If the number of mesilization in that ice comes out, it will cause global warming to CO2 to 30 times.

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