Futsal Vietnam Team And Czech Republic: A Big Challenge

20 hours on September 19, the Futsal Vietnam team has a 'biometric' encounter before the Czech Republic. Our players need a draw, to win at least 1 point and raise hope to continue to continue in the Futsal World Cup 2021 final round. The table of Futsal World Cup 2021 has went to the last match. After the choking victory against Panama in the second match, the teacher of Coach Pham Minh Giang will face the Czech Republic team to identify the second goal of the same ticket. Currently, Futsal Vietnam team And the Czech Republic has gained 3 points, but the European representative is ranked above due to the goal of the goal

. Vietnam Export Core: Nguyen Minh Tri, Chau Doan Phat, Anh Duy, Pham Duc Hoa, Ho Czecha Czech Republic: Vahala Ondrej, Resetar Lukas, Krivanek Lukas, Seidler Michal, Holy Michal. The Vietnam team force, Van Vu captain will not be able to play in this battle due to receiving enough yellow cards The match against Brazil and Panama before. This is a huge loss for gold star warriors when Van Vu is considered the spiritual leader and the most experienced player in the squad
The Czech Republic is standing quite high on Futsal FIFA BXH. Accordingly, the Czech Republic ranked No. 16, and Vietnam ranked 44th in the 44th. At the beginning of the army, the team won easily Panama with the 5-1 and the latest Czech Republic only to lose to Brazil 0-4. Futsal Vietnam team launched before the match. Futsal Vietnam is currently Ranked 3rd (3 points, -7) in the top 3rd ranking teams with the best achievements, but encountered quite a lot of disadvantages against other competitors. After the last night match series, Costa Rica finishes the group stage in third place Table A with 3 points and indicators only -2, while Guatemala ranked third Table B also with 3 points and numbers -5. Currently, Vietnam is only more than Thailand (Table C, 1 point ) And Serbia (0 points, -3), but these two teams only have to meet weak opponents and victory are within reach. So, with the current situation, the Vietnam team is forced to win dark results The minimum is the Czech Republic, which will continue to continue with the 1 in the four best ranked teams. The match will be directly reported by electronics
FIFA FUTSAL WORLD CUP 2021 Up to the end of the table D.th Phan - Trung Hung

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