Futsal World Cup Quarter-finals Fixture 2021: Asia Only 1 Representative

Eight teams contributed to the FIFA Futsal World Cup 2021 quarter-finals including Brazil, Maroc, Russia, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Iran and Kazakhstan.Iran are the only Asian team in the FIFA Futsal quarter-finals World Cup 2021. (Photo: Getty Images) After the last match of the 1/8 Fifa Futsal World Cup 2021 last night (September 24), the three remaining teams won the next ticket including Iran, Portugal and West Ban Nha.Iran devoted the extremely attractive match, chasing the score 9-8 before Uzbekistan to become the only Asian team to reach the round for 8 strong teams. 1/8 has up to 5 teams Asians contributed but in turn in Vietnam, Japan, Uzbek and Thailand were all kinds of strong opponents

. In the meantime, Portugal was higher than that were relatively hard to overcome Serbia thanks Goals in the extra time of 4-2. Left, Spain does not have trouble eliminating the Czech Republic with a 5-2 victory in FIFA FUFA FUTSAL World Cup Futsal World Cup 2021, including Brazil, Maroc, Russia, Argentina, Spain, Bo Dao Nha, Iran and Kazakhstan. This is an unexpected result when the teams are higher, the world leads the ticket to continue to see many difficulties from the "lower door" team during confrontation
Strong teams surpassed the 1st round, contributing to the quarter-finals of FIFA Futsal World Cup 2021. (Photo: Getty Images) in the FIFA FUTSAL World Cup 2021 quarter-finals, fans will soon witness The match "Early Finals" like Russia-Argentina, Spain-Portugal.5 years ago, Russia and Argentina were in the final match in Colombia to paint the gold cup. In the end, Bach Duong team was defeated 4-5 and accepted the second, the FIFA FUTSAL World Cup 2021 quarterfinals were easily beaten for Brazil when they only had to face the team for the first time passing the round 1/8 is Maroc. The quarterfinals will take place from 26-28 / 9 in Lithuania and broadcast live on the waves of Vietnam Television (VTV) ./. FIFA FUTSAL quarter-finals Fixture World Cup 2021: September 26: 20h: Maroc - Brazil22H30: Russia - Argentina Day 27/921H30: Iran-Kazakhstan Day September 28: 0h: Spain - Portugal (Photo: FIFA) Hang Nguyen (Vietnam)

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