Future Ronaldo In Mu: There Will Be A More Reserve

Age and style playing balls are not suitable for high-range pressing requirements, so Ronaldo will also have to sit for many battles in this season, like a guest trip to Chelsea.0: 00/1: 41 The match against Chelsea, Ronaldo was only fired in the middle of the second half instead of Jadon Sancho. The Reverse CR7 was the shocking decision of coach Taểu Michael Carrick.Ronaldo pointing to the middle of the second half and did not leave many marks in nearly half an hour playing on the field, Ronaldo did not leave many marks, except The situation reacted to the referee and was penalized for a yellow card at the end of the game. Ending 90 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo went straight to the tunnel and ignored the rival's handshake, gratitude to the fans to the courtyard

. Ralf Rangnick - Preparing people are signed as MU's temporary coach always want to require continuous pressing students right from the above route, which rarely do Ronaldo to do at the age of 36.The Neville said Germany has influenced the arrangement of tactics as well as arranging personnel in the match at Stamford Bridge.Michael Carrick to choose 3 central midfielders including Fred, McTominay and Matic
So Ronaldo was forced to sacrifice the position of stone plug, due to the priority for speed players like Rashford or Sancho.Neville posted tweets: "A lot of supporters of Carrick because boldly remove Ronaldo and choose the set Three midfielders of the defense center. TTIVA Battle, Ronaldo was angry to go straight to the tunnel I had the feeling of MU's upcoming coach chose this squad to play Chelsea ". Interview after the match, Michael Carrick was unconstrated Leaving Rangnick affecting expertise. He affirmed: "There is no such thing.Ronaldo is MU's top player but every match we have different plans and ideas. Before the match, I was chatting happily with Cristiano.Anh very Professional and we agreed to decide today. MU plan to stop the directions towards Jorginho and Loftus-Cheek ". * Dang Khoi

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