Gaesil Ancient Village – ‘beautiful Flower Valley’ In Korea

Located in Hadong Commune, Goryeong District in Northern Gyeongsang Province (Korea), Gaesil Ancient Village is known as 'Beautiful Flower Valley' with a shape like a flying butterfly. Gesil is known for The name of the 'beautiful flower valley' with the same shape like a flying butterfly comes from the Joseon Dynasty (in 1400). The village leaned against Hwagae mountains and the rear was surrounded by a 370-year-old Truc forest. (Photo: Anh Nguyen / TTXVN) Experience traditional costumes at the oldest village house. (Photo: Anh Nguyen / TTXVN) Mud-built stone walls are the unique architectural accents of the village

. (Photo: Anh Nguyen / TTXVN) Small passions around the village between mud-built rock walls attracting visitors' discovery. (Photo: Anh Nguyen / TTXVN) Although conserved, all houses in the village still have people living and are an interesting cultural experience for visitors. (Photo: Anh Nguyen / TTXVN) Each village house has unique architectural features with its own identity
(Photo: Anh Nguyen / TTXVN)

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