Gaps In Afghanistan

President Joe Biden dated 8-7 announced to withdraw all American soldiers out of Afghanistan before August 31, a few weeks earlier than the initial plan.0: 00/1: 53 nam south with Al-Qaeda Excluding in Afghanistan and terrorist Osama bin Laden were destroyed, President Biden affirmed that the US military mission in this country was completed. The day, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced most of the country's soldiers Withdrawn from Afghanistan after the conflict lasts 2 decades. British actions - America takes place even when the Taliban movement is rising strongly, making a concern about a civil war. In the July 9 statement, the Taliban announced that he had gained control of Islam Qala - Afghan's largest border gate with Iran

. This is the second important gate that this movement gained since the deployment of military campaign in early May, when foreign forces led by the US begened from Afghanistan. Afghan government guarded At a security inspection point in Guzara Prefecture, Herat Prefecture - Afghanistan on 9-7 photos: Reutersiran, Turkey, Pakistan and Russia have begun to fill the military and diplomatic gaps by the US and allies Leave in Afghanistan. In the capital Tehran, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif chaired the meeting between the Taliban delegation and the Afghan Government
In the general statement on July 8, the two sides agreed on the Taliban without supporting attacks on civilians, schools, mosques and hospitals to aim to an agreement on the future of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Russia seeks the Taliban's commitment to not so that the northern border area of Afghanistan becomes a base for attacks on the removes of the former Soviet Union. According to analysts, the US withdrawal from Afghanistan has created security risks for Russia's male ribs, especially when there are thousands of Afghan soldiers ran to neighboring Tajikistan, where bases are located Russia's largest foreign military. Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been offered to have conditions related to moving soldiers to participate in the mission of NATO (Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization) Monitoring to protect Kabul International Airport.

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