Garden Billionaire

Born and raised in Viet Dan commune (Dong Trieu Town), Mr. Nguyen Van Thai understood the land of his homeland. With the determination to get rich, after completing the military service returning to the locality, Mr. Thai focuses on garden economic development 09: 00/1: 48 South of the southern small garden is assigned 30 years ago, So far Mr. Nguyen Van Thai has developed, replicating 5 gardens with 7ha in Viet Dan and An Sinh commune, with the main crops of Na, Guava, Orange, Banana, jackfruit, butter

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Nguyen Van Thai minh.Ong care of Thai banana garden said: Each fruit trees have different growth characteristics, if not closely followed, planting, tending and harvesting the right way, the results achieved are not high. Due to the total farming area of the big family, gardens are gaped and planted many trees, so Mr. Thai always has a specific plan for time, the content of work for each garden. At the time of the garden on the harvest, he often hired more people to do, mobilizing family members. According to Mr. Thai, agricultural value is long-term, sustainable, the foundation of this period will be worth of the following stage. Who worked the land based on their own strength, in addition to a close, sticking to the field, there should regularly learn and adapt to meet the needs of the plant as well as the consumer market this guava pham.Vu Mr. Nguyen Van Thai is expected to collect nearly 10 tons of fruits
Boldly participate in diverse distribution channels, from affiliated with traders, on-site trafficking, through e-commerce floor ... past, thanks to the flexibility in association with sales channels, within 2 months, NA garden with an output of nearly 10 tons of fruit of his family consumed, income nearly VND 200 million. guava and banana crop output of about 100 tons. He connected to the wholesale and retail clues in the province, online sales for traders outside the province to ensure consumption of output. From passion for garden career, Mr. Nguyen Van Thai has enriched income from 1.5-2 billion per year, have improved life conditions, contribute to the development of the country huong.Thanh Binh

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