Garden Picking A Grip Of This Leaf Cooked And Squeezed Half Of The Lemon, The Face Of Melasma Is Gradually Flying

This type of leaves filled with this garden combined with lemon will help you soon 'goodbye' spot on your face. Because of the purple leaves, you need to know how to effectively? Leaves are known as a common vegetable in meal Eat of Vietnamese people. Besides, the elemental leaves also have the use of melasma, anti-aging skin quite effectively. In a fetish leaf containing vitamin A, C, and mineral compounds such as calcium, iron, phosphos, zinc and some essential oils are easily absorbed into the epidermis that increases the process of new cell production, Filling the dark layer of dark skin, melasma, freckles. For a long time, a moment has been used to treat melasma, combined with lemon increases efficiently because of lemon containing vitamin C and citric acid works Apply to promote collagen production for the skin, reduces wrinkles, melasma, bird's limps

. Refer to 3 ways to use flanks and lemons to fly to the effectiveness of melasma with a lot of people and lemon juice Most to treat melasma with bowls and lemons are drinking water. You just need to select a clean bowl, make sure the origin is safe, then rinse and put it in. When obtaining a bitterish water, squeeze into it half lemon and enjoy
At this time, the purgurery water moves to a beautiful red, the flavor is also delicious to be easier to drink. Masks with a mask of Pepyling Leaves and Liaonato Drinking Pepyling Leaves with Lemon, Sisters can also force / grind leaves Move to get water. Then squeeze a few drops of lemon juice, stir and massage that mixture on the skin of melasma and relax for about 15 minutes. Finally wash your face with warm water. Persistent implementation of 2-3 times / week to achieve better performance than you. Peppermen and lemon with a bitter leaf and lemon don't treat melasma but also body skin care. The way to do is also quite simple, everyone can do it. You wash away, then let the water flooded with leaves and boil. Before rushing, you squeeze it into half of the lemon and proceed to use the head towel to catch the steam to fly. Notice does not let the face too close to the water pot to avoid burns
Moon (synthesize)

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