Gazprom Is Increasing Gas To Europe On All Pipelines

Gazprom is constantly providing additional gas for Europe on all pipelines, including pipes through Ukraine, Executive Director of Gazprom Export - Gazprom Gas Export Branch, Ms. Elena Burmistrova Know Thursday 7 / 10. The illustration / has provided a gas close to the record level for the foreign market from the beginning of the year until now

. We have increased The amount of gas assigned to the largest consumer market (Europe) - to Germany - increased by 1/3 compared to last year, 2.5 times to Turkey and 4 times to Romania. We shipped through All pipes, including pipes in Ukraine
We are constantly providing additional gas in their most possible capabilities, "she said.Gazprom wants to see a balanced gas market And maybe, however, it is impossible to rely on spot gas prices to create such a market, Ms. Burmistrova said. If customers can recognize the contract New long-term helps to deal with the current energy crises, "we will look for such customers so that they are suitable for both suppliers and consumers" .https: // kinhtexaydung. Anh

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