Generali Is Honored ‘best Enterprise’ Insurance Field

GENERALI has just been honored on the 'best business' list of insurance, in the ALL-Europe Executive Team annual ranking by Institutional Investor, specialized magazines and independent research companies in the field of talent. International Key.Institutional Investor honored General Director of Generali Group, Mr. Philippe Donnet when he won the second place in the category "The most outstanding corporate general manager". Mr

. Cristiano Borean; and Head of Investor Relations and Credit Rating, Ms. Giulia Raffo, leading the items "The best Deputy General Director of Finance" and "Excellent Investor Relations Specialist The most "Philippe Donnet, General Manager of General Group Ranking of Institutional Investor reflects the evaluation of more than 1,500 experts and investors from about 600 financial services companies. The general director of the enterprise will be hit Prices are based on criteria such as prestige, leadership and communication capacity, ash At that time, the Deputy General Directors will be assessed based on capital allocation, financial management and communication
Some factors assessing investor relations activities include events Introducing investment, quality of financial information, business knowledge and market, as well as the ability to react and position of businesses.n.lan

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