Genesis G90 Limo Over 3 Billion Vnd, Is The King Of King Johor

The Genesis G90 Limo is responsible for shutting the King of Johor to cost VND 3.1 billion, the car is perfected in the mysterious black paint and shiny multi-spoke tray showing the seniority of the car owner. Johor (Malaysia) possesses a series of elegant cars, including a new Limousine Genesis Gine Limousine - the opponent of Mercedes-Maybach S-Class - launched from 2019. Samples to Genesis G90 Limousine Overalls 5,945 mm and the base shaft are 3.450 mm long, significantly more than the BMW 7 Series (5,260 mm long and with a base axis of 3,210 mm)

. The impressive size, the space inside the Korean limo Spacious, providing the optimal comfort for those sitting behind - is the King Johor. Basic look, the basic G90 limousine still has designs like the G90 standard, just the car size is increased. Super limo The King of King Johor stands out with the black exterior, the typical grille of the brand and thin LED headlights
In addition, there are many other unique details because it is made separately for the King of Johor.Like the normal version, Genesis G90 Limousine is equipped with a 5.0L V8 engine that combines 8-speed automatic transmission, for dark capacity Multi 420 horsepower and maximum torque 504 nm. Genesis G90 Limousine's price of King Johor in Malays Malays has a price equivalent to about 3.1 billion dong.Video: Introducing the model to Genesis G90 2021.

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