Genuine Honda Sh 350i Is About To Be Sold In Vietnam

According to data from the Register, Honda Vietnam has tested and publicly the Honda SH 350i consumption is 3.54 liters / 100 km. Last 6 years, Honda information registration for SH350i industrial designs at Vietnam, certificated by the National Office of Intellectual Property to attract domestic vehicle players. New, this model has been publicized for fuel consumption on the database of Vietnam Register Department. Most likely, the model will soon be introduced to Vietnamese customers

.Honda SH350i with public consumption in Vietnam is 3.54 liters / 100 km, public version of fuel consumption is updated on The system of Vietnam Register on July 28, 2021. Name of production / import establishment is Honda Vietnam Company, with addresses in Phuc Thang Ward, Tp
Phuc Yen, Vinh Phuc Province and the trade name of the model is SH350i.Theo information in the public fuel consumption, Honda SH350i genuine imports in Vietnam will have a volume of 172 kg (no load) and 322 kg (full load). User using 4-term motor, 1 cylinder, liquid-cooled capacity of 329.6cc, for a maximum capacity of 21.5 kW (about 29 horsepower). The maximum speed according to the design provided by the manufacturer is 134 km / h. Public fuel consumption is 3.54 liters / 100 km.Honda SH 350i has a design with multiple points similar to SH150i distributing in Vietnam Specific information about other vehicles does not show through a public version Fuel consumption but abroad, overall, Honda SH350i owns a similar design design of SH150i juniors are distributing in Vietnam market. In that, the car head creates a highlight with LED headlights Placing low under the mask, the light is placed on both sides and LED taillights decorated with chrome contours
However, the SH350i has been honda increases the design size. Digital clock table on Honda SH350iHonda equipped for SH350i digital screen divided two parts full information on gasoline, hour, speed , Voltage of battery ... And the driver lighting system for the driver. This premium scooter is also equipped with smart keys, integrating many features such as car finding, anti-theft warning. In addition, there are small containers located next to the lock. In Vietnam, Honda SH350i uses 4-term motor, 1 cylinder, liquid-cooled capacity of 329.6cc, for maximum capacity 21, 5 KWXE uses a 16-inch size casting tray, combining 110/70 tire set in front and 130/70 for the back. As a scaled scooter of Honda, SH350i equipped with a single-acquisition of ABS for both wheels. Unknown Honda Vietnam will distribute the model for how much. However, private import agents are offering a model with a price of up to 360 million dong. Thanh Tung / Traffic Newspaper

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