Genz Chooses Jobs: High Salaries Or Experiences?

Not everyone is lucky to fall into the selected situation that I'm about to give it but you can take it to refer to the Genz, whether you will choose a job with high salaries or a job Giving yourself diverse experiences? Does any money work without giving you more experience. But sometimes there are jobs giving you extensive views, quality of relationship networks, thinking of practical problems and covering many problems, changing the salary is not as expected. We will choose Choose what? Enjoy this 20s or "Miss appointments" with Thanh Xuan? With my habit, I would not recommend choosing something, but will give viewing angles from yourself to 2 cases for you to yourself Make a decision for your future. Don't work a lot of money without giving you more experience, because no one pays you a desirable salary with only what you are in the present. It will give you stability, at least until you are 30 years old

. You will have time, because you only have 1 job, you will have money, a flashy prior to the age of 30 that everyone wishes. But it is certain that the person who chooses this path will be eliminated someday, because society always requires faster and more efficient. Solution for this is that you have to cultivate yourself more In addition to the job you choose
You have to "crop" my "precious" flashy time to let yourself not fallen while people continue to move. The second choice, a job gives you many opportunities to learn, to collect knowledge, but you will only suffer enough to live on yourself, you will have to take advantage of even free times. Must give me full "luggage" to enter the opportunities created by my efforts. As I am trying to pick up for the "certain opportunity" that no one knows first. But the fact that everything you do will not be tired, will someone see it and give you the opportunity to use it. If it is a pristine person, you will definitely not be easy to go through without adding new experience. If you are the example of successful people, you will see them not to bury your feet at a certain job. If the target is a sustainable development, you need a steady momentum step. When this option will take you to the thoughts that "your choice is wrong?" Believe me, a billionaire once said: "Don't be afraid to fail, you just need to be once in my life." However, if you give up, it will be the biggest failure
Working as deep and living as the eagle for the same, we are talking about 2 perspectives, you are an eagle or a deep eagle. As a species seeing his prey very far away and it will move to prey in the fastest way. The deep species is that the species will eat the achievements right in front of the face, of course the diligence will decide which is the worm worse. This assembly is fair, whether you choose how your effort will decide My achievement. Many jobs require you to spend a lot of time, gray matter. And the work of creating a lot of experience and opportunities still make you spend a lot of time during the day, but surely you learn new things. The only advice here is to rely on your needs. You are easily frustrated without a clear purpose of the results, seeing yourself a dilute worm, conquering step by step things in front of face and evolution. If you target a further future, a peak of fame, try to equip yourself a firm wings to face storms.

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