German Government Plans To Spend More Than 50 Billion Euros For Climate Funds

The ruling coalition can use these amounts to public investments to speed up the transition in the direction of environmentally friendly and minimizing the adverse climate adverse effects 9: 00/1: 04 Southern Southern Party Committee FDP Christian Lindner, Prime Minister of SPD Olaf Scholz, Green Party Leaders Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck. (Photo: AFP / TTXVN) The succeeding government of Germany is considering additional budgets in 2021 to pump more than 50 billion euros (more than 56 billion USD) into the country's climate fund, then can spend in those next year to accelerate the transition to the Green economy, sources on November 25, party in Germany prepared to establish a new government agreed to provide finance for climate funds. The news adds, the borrowing to finance the climate fund means that the government will use almost a full level of debt ceiling of 240 billion euros that initially approved by the German National Assembly for 2021 budget. Thai on allowing the ruling coalition to strengthen the climate fund this year and may be the next year, then use these amounts to public investments in the coming years to accelerate the conversion process Area more friendly with the environment and minimizes the adverse effects on climate as well as digitizing the economy

. Van Anh (VNA / Vietnam)

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