German Prime Minister Visited Russia: Going To Find A Beautiful End

Russia-Germany 'Golden Era' under Prime Minister Angela Merkel and President Vladimir Putin will end, but bilateral cooperation will not so that stops.02 / 4: 29 South Angela Merkel will have a trip Visit the last Moscow as the German Prime Minister, met Russian President Vladimir Putin on August 20. (Source: AP) According to releases from both sides, German Prime Minister Angela Merkel will go to Moscow and talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on 20/8.This is the first time Merkel to Moscow since January 2020. However, it could be a visit to Russia and her final tour as the German Prime Minister, before giving this position after the September 26 elections

. However, it is not only a single factor Make this visit noteworthy. The meeting between the two leaders was expected to bring some necessary adjustments before Mrs. Merkel left the Department of Merkel
Duchship, August 12, England and Germany have collaborated to arrest a former employee The British Embassy in Berlin in Potsdam (Germany) suspected of spying Russia. According to German prosecution, David Smith, 57, the British nationality, turned the document for Russian intelligence to exchange cash since the month 11/2020. Notably, including information related to the 20 Secretariat Officers (Mi6) in Germany. Police have taken advocacy of apartments and workplaces of this person to serve the investigation process. Christofer Burger's speech spokesman Christofer Burger affirmed that this is a serious incident and criticizing spy activities by citizenship Allied water is "unacceptable". Russian Federal Security Agency (FSB), Russian Intelligence Agency (SVR) and the Russian Embassy in Berlin have not commented. This is the latest incident in the incident in Russian relations - Germany under Mr Merkel as the network attack on Bundestag in 2015, Chechnya's Georgia citizen was supposed to be assassinated in Berlin in 2019 and the Russian oppose politician Aleksei Navalny was suspected of poisoning. , Germany and the European Union (EU) generally support Ukraine and maintain Russian sovereignty attitude towards the Crimea Peninsula. After visiting Russia, German Prime Minister Angela Merkel will go to Kiev, meet President Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on August 22. The two sides will discuss in order to troubleshoot, and ensure the benefits of Ukraine when the Northern Flow 2 activities
However, the bilateral relations under the German Prime Minister Angela Merkel and the Russian President Vladimir Putin is relatively stable . The good personal relationship between the two leaders ever had many years of living and working in East Germany plays an important role in this success. Merkel and Mr. Putin regularly talks with the most recent time July 21. Cooperation between Moscow and Berlin, despite many common sanctions from the US with the EU, still effectively, clearly showing through the Northern Flow Project 2. Perhaps the Prime Minister Angela Merkel wants to soon disassemble the project The Northern Flow Project 2, creating a premise for the successor to reinforce relations with all parties, thereby closing the imperialization era in a way that cannot be more beautiful. that Angela Merkel's last Russian visit in German Prime Minister will create a premise for the successor to continue to build bilateral relations. According to the Kremlin, the two leaders will oppose the development prospects bilateral cooperation in the fields, as well as some regional and international issues are concerned. On July 22, German Prime Minister Angela Merkel affirmed: "We always negotiate with any country Which gavers are based on values and benefits. I believe we should be open in maintaining dialogue with Russia ". Satisfying this visit, researcher of the German Research Center of the European Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Kamkin said, she Merkel and Putin will discuss Europe's general energy and security, in the context of increasing stress and misunderstanding between Russia and Western partners. At the same time, Germany and Russia will continue to search for voices Shared in the issue of Ukraine. This theme is becoming an urgent date, in the context of Kiev is trying to attempt to maintain Moscow's gas transit and the energy agenda. Do not exclude the possibility of the two sides also discuss the prospect of cooperation once Berlin has new cabinet. In the meantime, Konstantin Blokhin expert at the Security Research Center, Russian Academy of Sciences believes, the topic About the Northern Flow Project 2 will be the focus in the discussion between Russian and German leaders. According to him, this is a key issue in bilateral relations and related to two other major factors: Ukraine and the United States. This is a basis to look at the chain of visit to the Prime Minister Angela Merkel. Last month, she visited Washington, discussed with US President Joe Biden. This weekend, she went to Kiev to meet President Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. Maybe Prime Minister Angela Merkel wanted to soon disassemble the Northern Flow Project Project 2, creating a premise for the successor to reinforce relations with all the parties , since then closed the N

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