Germany Is Committed To Aid To Neighboring Afghanistan Countries

Speaking of press conferences, Foreign Minister Maas stated: 'We have announced to the United Nations (UN) that we are ready to help humanitarian aid for people in neighboring countries. I'ng germany Heiko Maas. (Photo: AFP / TTXVN) German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on August 17, declared Germany suspended aid to Afghanistan, but will coordinate with partners in the European Union (EU) to provide aid for Neighbors face the Afghan migrants line. Alert press conference, MAAS Foreign Minister stated: "We have announced to the United Nations (UN) that we are ready to help humanitarian aid for People in neighboring countries. "After the meeting with EU diplomats, Germany's leading diplomat also said the West would evaluate the Taliban" through their actions, "after the Taliban announced the war In Afghanistan ended and will be pardoned for "all enemies

." Foreign Minister Maas said: "It is important now that the transition period will take place peacefully, and this depends on real action Government transitions immediately after being established. "Meanwhile, President CH Czech Milos Zeman called the situation in Afghanistan as" serious failure "of Organization of the Northern Atlantic Treaty (NATO), and expressed concern about the risk of terrorist groups in this Southwestern Asia country. Zeman's President also supports reception, passing Check, for those who have to leave Afghanistan after the Taliban came to power
In the European Union's online meeting (EU) on the Afghanistan situation on August 17, the EU's senior representative in charge of policy Security and foreign affairs Josep Borrell said that even though it is necessary to recognize the wrong mistakes, but the US military intervention actions and allies into Afghanistan after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 in the US Has achieved the goal of "Destroying al-Qaeda" ./. urge you (VNA / Vietnam)

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