Getting All Abnormal Energy From 3 Hell Planets

Recently, the Earth telescopes and satellite has discovered irregularly high-energy X-rays from 3 white dwarfs and discovered a secret later. NASA's X-rays Chandra - Newton's ESA has discovered a strong X-ray source of abnormalities from 3 white dwarfs, KPD 0005 5106, PG 1159-035 and WD 0121-756. The theory, white dwarfs are corpses of big stars Sun, usually emit low energy x-rays. So the detection of a strong signal is unusual. Scientists said, notably KPD 0005 5106 - the star emitting high-energy X-rays regularly increases the brightness every 4

.7 hours , this shows that there must be an object that turns around its orbit.Theo Dr. You-Hua Chu comes from the Astronomical Hospital and Astronomical Physics of Sinica Academy (Taiwan), Member of the Research Group, Animals That must be a planet like Jupiter or a small star
The nature from this mysterious planet can bump into the north and south pole of white dwarfs because of why white dwarfs suck, thereby creating a spot Bright X-rays.QUA research, planets - or small stars - companion with white dwarfs will be the "hell" worlds, unable to live and have very bad outcomes because white dwarfs often operate As a vampire, constantly sucking material from the companion until all 2 explodes. Shows on again showing the death of a star may not be an end to pulse planets around It, or for the companion star in the binary. The person who works with it will still exist whether in a regular "cannibal" status. The white dwarf is the celestial being created when the stars have Low volume and average "dead" (consuming all fuel nuclear reactions in stars). These stars are not heavy enough to generate temperature at the core needed to melt carbon in particle synthetic reactions Humanly after they turn into red giant stars during the stage of burning helium. This period, the outer half of the red ticket will be pushed to the Nebula to create a nebula, leaving behind a holder core Weak is carbon and oxygen, it is white dwarf. The white dwarfs are very hot, so they radiate white light. Finally, white dwarfs will cool and become black dwarfs. Black dwarfs, in theory, are low temperature entities and weak radiation in the radio spectrum
You can watch videos: NASA astronauts dropping the mirror outside the universe. Source: VTV. Content (T.H)

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