Gia Lai: Unique Sophisticated ‘austrian’ For Gongs

In order to preserve the precious gongs, JRAI ethnic minorities use clouds and bamboo into the sophisticated 'Austrian' to cover gongs when not in use and also for transportation every time there is a festival. JEP JEP village, Ia O commune (Ia Grai, Gia Lai) knit shirt for gongs and gongs. (Photo: Hong Diep / VNA) At the end of the year, after the harvest, when the rice is full of warehousing is the time when ethnic minority households in the Central Highlands organize celebration activities for a bumper crop year and prepare to welcome New year. As other localities, ethnic people Jrai border areas in Ia O, Ia Grai district (Gia Lai) is also on the preparation of celebrations, especially there is a unique culture Features of the basalt red land, which is the shirt for gongs for gongs. Many festivals

. For them, these festivals are indispensable for gongs because gongs are invaluable assets of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands. To protect the new, safe and artisans of gongs The village often organizes knitting for them every year. These shirts are in addition to the effect of keeping away from loss, and have a clean effect, avoiding bumping and distorting the gongs of the villagers
Also, the shirt is a beautiful decoration when the sets Gongs are hanging in a traditional house. To preserve the characteristic culture of indigenous peoples in the Central Highlands, artists, the village goes on its own clouds, tuffling bamboo and knitting into beautiful shirts roll for the gongs of the village or the family's gongs. The most convenient coat is when the village has a festival, the ghost, the wedding, the gongs are moved from one place to another neat. Hyai, JEP Mít Village, Ia O Commune, Sharing Previous Clouds, Bamboo Many Easy to Find Raw Materials, Nay Clouds, Bamboo is scarce, so the raw material knit the shirt for gongs is also more difficult to find. However, most Jrai men all knew how to taught the younger generation, are also more convenient. From young men Jrai was taught by his father. The hard thing here is knitting the motifs on the coat so that for durable, beautiful, there is a hand-held artist just, then separated from doing the word will have experience. Tell the son in the village to tighten the clouds, tighten bamboo and naked knitting for gongs in the village. The artists will take on the rattan stage into the Austrian frame and give it to the children and grandchildren. When the patterned patterns, artisans themselves do and guide them for the young class
Let's finish a new shirt for a gong set that takes about 3 days. The shirt after completion is also mounted on both sides of the straps with very typical colors of the Central Highlands land. The gongs of JEP JEP village every year are always replacing a new shirt as a thanks for contributing to contributing Keep the safe gongs. The knitting coat for gongs also created more income for people. Jrai Concept of gongs is a valuable asset in material and mental. Therefore, if they do not knit themselves, they will also spend money purchased. (Photo: Hong Diep / TTXVN) According to Mr. Ksor Huyen, 76 years old, artisan knitted for gongs, Jepjudina village, knitting coat for gongs ie to protect local valuable assets; Not to be lost, worn, old, damaged gongs. Many non-knitting families also sometimes buy new suits to protect family gongs. In order to maintain the knitting of Jrai's gongs, the commune concentrates the mobilization of a number of bamboo clusters to have a coat material for gongs for gongs. Very actively mobilized and supports these artisans to teach children, grandchildren, the young generation in the village. The precious assets of the ethnic minority community in the Central Highlands both in terms of physical and mental values. Each full gongs with more than 20 units, worth tens of millions of dongs, but due to storage , preserved is not unified, so many ministries are lost. Or in the process of moving, people carrying breaking breaks causing the sound of distorted gongs. The villagers of Jep Mit, Ia O commune designed, knitting clothes, helping to preserve the existing gongs , contributing to preserving the traditional cultural values of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands ./. At the end of the year, the ethnic people JRAI border areas of Ia O (Ia Grai, Gia Lai) are on the preparation Celebrate offerings, especially sewing clothes for gongs and gongs. (Photo: Hong Diep / VNA) Mít Jep village artisans, Ia O Commune (Ia Grai, Gia Lai) knit shirt for gongs and gongs. (Photo: Hong Diep / VNA), gongs are considered one of the assets

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