Giant Python Video Attacks Spreaders On Social Networks

The founder of Jay Brewer, California reptile zoo, USA recently shared a video of a giant python attacking himself. The video has spread dizziness on social networks.0: 00/0: 54 Southern menu in the video, can see a large python attack Mr. Jay Brewer up to 2 times. After posting on Instagram network, the video quickly gained 1 million views and having more than 1 thousand annual comments

. Many netizens are scared when watching the clip and have a more careful Brewer When handling snakes. This is not the first time Mr. Brewer posted a video to record the "heart" bored station with this non-footless animal
Previously, a video filmed Mr. Brewer carrying a snake heavy 113 kg of shoulders made the netizens shocked. "When no one around the goup moved a snake weighing 113kg and 6.7 meters long, you will have to DIY in the old way "- Mr. Brewer wrote while sharing videos.

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