Girls Have Merit, Husbands Still

Wife worked harder, accept that worries pillar to fully calm life for the husband and children. But 'the girl with the husband still phu'.Gui a program, a female audience, said: "This year I'm 45 years old. Married for decades, known as a wife, and me as a husband , something also to hand. alone struggling to wrestle with life with many things in life

. Even myself have struggled so no matter what, but I also try to take care of my family. I am self-realized who always knew his moral reserve the woman put the faithful to live every dau.Anh intelligent hoa
Cuoc so goes by, I accepted her as a shoulder, prop my husband and children that did not complain or whine to anyone. But a few years ago, my husband had little change, he often went early late, go to karaoke with friends, just by this time the disease should not be frequent night to go today again should new hard at home. But to say that, but a week he still has to go at least three sessions. Occupied care to eat, I simply thought: he liked the singing, hot, then a few glasses nư conventions, cheerful spirit up is good, but at home all day complaining, ice bins nia, I also feel tired? I also noticed two years now my husband especially pay attention to appearance, from the dress to the hair, like eating area, and asked my kids watch perfume type well, kind of fragrant, someday go out also grooming and glossy. Home, he still treats me very properly, fun, but always go dark though lanh.Cach rained here for several months, I have heard rumors galaxy he has a relationship with one woman outside the stream women were widowed. My kids repeatedly read the message dating of 2 people, every evening they pass each other to go out, go for coffee or to sing in restaurants in town. I began to learn and the new track should rupture is real story. I am extremely sad and distressed. I can tolerate any bad habits such as drinking husband, lazy, playful, but individual stories girlfriends, boys and girls, I hardly acceptable
I tried to behave very cultured, but he had done to her was wrong about knowing. Right type fill your mouth the whole breast. But this time I could not take it anymore so I threatened divorce. At that time he began to water and I tearfully apologized in front of the children and both internal and external parties anymore. I would like my mother to forgive anh.Cung for families, for children and how relationships should I forgive binding. I try to ignore, to live for peace. I'm still the same, still endure and condescend, coddle him, all disadvantaged, hard work I have received on my part, but indeed even try to forget it even more impossible. Thinking they had been so closely tied together that I choked throat memories that tears come, I could not calm anymore. My temper became so erratic that arise between you and me many contradictions. Recently I found out they were still in touch with each other. Come to contemplate the one thing: in a marriage that 2 people no longer trust, life was very tired moi.Toi find extremely warm memories and realized something my sacrifice is nonsense. He shall humble me now just because if I leave, then he can not sustain themselves. If I'm not strong, economic independence, do not make money for you free gambling, singing, boys and girls, whether he was good for me? I saw my two children languishing they advised me to divorce, for a while I thought about it but then I was not determined. Two children I was one unmarried child, then I fear divorce affects children. I faced it like this? "./. VOV2

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