Girls Make A Chicken Wing With Coca Sauce Invite To Eat, Guys Trembling Like A Risen As Sturdy Like A ‘poison’ Modulation

Why is the color of the chicken wings like 'poison' so? 0: 00/1: 18 namthi nuns occasionally the network community is admiring the cooking phases "10 thousand queens why". After all, it should not be awarded for those phenomena to do, people cook out many strange dishes. Recently on Weibo China has a set of photos spreading, making Netizen fall back. The series recorded a coca chicken wing by a girlfriend for his "Bo I". Every crime has finished watching the guy who is afraid of daring to eat

. Chicken gibbies after marinating spiced with a fairly attractive yellow with a pouring of Coca in to make a fever, something wrong. Why is Coca blue in the sea? Pan the effervescent chicken on the color has seen it without healing and the end .
. The pieces of green fever with a boyfriend scared, hastily sharing the story with the people. Many jokes that witnessing this screens, are no different from watching the modulation ... "poisoning": - "Witch is mixing poison?" .- "Why can't it get the color. The blue water bottle saw no good health. Out of origin of a blue-carbonated water, is really existent in the world. However, for processing into salty dishes is probably the inappropriate decision of this girlfriend
: Weibo

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