Give Love To Get A Smile

Northwest or mountain forest broadcasting always leaves many emotions for those who have arrived. It may be love about nature, is sympathy and hard time sharing with residents. The 45-year journey of the Capital Security Newspaper - where I was contributing with vocational love in 1/3 of the road was also full of emotional cover! Reporter Security Newspaper Capital awarded the social gift The meaning of flood regions in Ha Giang One time is a nostalgia ..

. for those who like to move and especially for newspapers, everyone understands that leaving Hanoi will be easier and soft . The affection of mountain forest is always special and bringing nature lovers to feel different levels. For a long time, the Anti Security Newspaper has a program to take action throughout the past decades, which is the Fund "Getting Odan to get the same"
Our correspondent, whoever goes less, a few times experienced such trips. With the love of the police soldiers of the Capital of the Capital, he always wants to love the compatriots, remote areas, difficulties, natural disasters, floods ... - We always go to the entrance The times the most needed people. "Getting my love to get the same" formed from compassionate hearts with the desire to help the poor with a difficulty, people in tribbling in disaster passing at the disaster, Suffering. The belief from readers is cultivated by specific and persistent jobs through sending, giving gifts. And until now, the 45-year journey with the social work of gratitude by the name "guys to get the same" has become a stable and dear bridge of people, readers and benefactors In all parts of the country. I remember the roof of the school in the depths of Poong Ngo commune, Muong Cha district, Dien Bien Province named "the capital of the capital Security". The rustic inscription was written by charcoal teachers on the wooden sheet hanging in the fence
About more than a decade, we returned to give gifts and install learning equipment for children on the occasion of preparing the school declaration day. Teacher Nguyen Thu Huong, in charge of Poly-emotional fields of tears: "Just a simple bamboo, the walls of wooden planks, but if we leave us alone, I don't know what you have class. You are in the capital but why we understand our teachers are in need of these things! ". The medical facility is named of the Capital Security Station in the batch of giving" happy Tet with the poor "in Lai Chau , I suddenly realized the medical facility called "Capital Security Station" located next to Muong So commune, Phong Tho district. This project is built and inaugurated by the Capital Security Newspaper in 2001, in order to protect the health of ethnic minority people. Years later, every time we returned to this area to give funny gifts to the poor every time to Tet to Xuan, when reminding the mission of the capital security newspaper, many local people remembered Meaning works are built on a difficult land area, by the heart of the police officers of the Capital of the Capital. "The capital of the capital security" "is just a simple bamboo, the walls of wooden planks, but If we leave us alone, I don't know when you have a classroom. You are in the capital but why we understand our teachers are very needing these things! ". Teacher Nguyen Thu Huong (in charge of Polyhua School, Muong Cha District, Dien Bien Province) After every trip, I called Pham Thi Huong - Deputy Head of Muong Te District Education Department. The other side of the other side, Ms. Huong is very excited about the school scores due to the Security Newspaper of the Capital to build a relative in 2009: "The school score in Pa Luu commune is still the imprint building and the girls always hang Red star yellow flags on every open season. By the past year, the school score has been a place to sow the letters for students on the remote version, many students then mature to work in the district ". At that time, to get to the commune of Pa guards and inaugurate this school, we had to take nearly a day of the mountain crossing. Between the forest, the road is difficult, elbow, so the construction of the schools for small children is an arduous story. But it is also the hardest space that is the goal to report the capital to the capital to take care of love. The cold makes the grass in the area of Lung Cu, Ha Giang to turn into white bandages. On the occasion of Tet in 2011, I was assigned with a generous house with 500 sets of clothes, shoes, warm blankets awarded boarding ethnic minority students in Lam Billion Commune, Quan Ba District. After finishing this field, we have to go on to award at the school point in Meo Vac district. Duc Tuando newspaper is not in time, that night we have to sleep again. The border night of the cold skin, no bed, I had to lean the wooden board of the classroom to stand against the cold but still couldn't sleep. The next day on the way to Meo Vac district, we borrowed a motorbike of Cat Vac district police to enter the station a school at Khau Vai. Although it was still cold when it was so cold, but because I wanted to make a progress, we still rules

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