Giving Nearly 84 Million Vnd After The First Day Of Calling For Baby Quynh Huong

In order to promptly support costs for Quynh Huong to continue radiation therapy, VietNamNet newspaper awarded the first batch of VND 83,710,500 for families to close the hospital fees for con.08: 00/2: 10 nambé domain Nguyen Ha Quynh Huong As the character in the article "Than cancer girl please help 40 million VND to continue radiotherapy", posted in VietnamNet newspaper on 8/11 / 2021.When new 3, Quynh Huong's right hand swollen weirdo. After seeing in many places, the doctor discovered that the child was nerve fibers, had to be re-examined to monitor and take regular drugs. My child was peaceful, did not expect December last year, cancer again recurred

. Unfortunately, that time, Quynh Huong's father was far away from, but his mother was depressed after his youngest birth, was not healthy enough to take care of their children. Item in the city sought to cure cancer for children. Who suspected this recurrence of this time became so badly and dangerous
They even refused surgery at that time because they didn't have enough money. By the year this year, when Ms. Ha's health was temporary, she sent the youngest newer than 1 year old to bring her daughter to heal. At this time, Translation Covid-19 recurred in the city. Five months later, Ms. Ha had to take a medical examination and treatment in many hospitals, combining surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Struggling in the city of the days of distance, 2 mother and children do not only cost money to treat the disease, but also worry about hiring, walking, eating. They kept borrowing the place, covering the other place to manage. The point of the doctor announced to conduct radiotherapy for the child, the estimated cost of about VND 60 million, the whole family of Ms. Ha ran borrowed everywhere
VND 20 million. The mother seems to be depressed again, worried about unhirtless insomnia. The Report of VietNamNet (right) awarded nearly 84 million VND to 2 mother Quynh Huong's mother. After the situation of her family posted Download in VietnamNet newspaper, a lot of readers are interested and shared. In addition to the amount of 83,710,500 dong because you read VietNamNet newspaper, many benefactors have contacted directly and help for the family. VietNamNet to receive money because you read your child. The mother trembled because of touching: "I never took so big money. Sincerely thank VietnamNet Newspaper and the fragrant heart of benefactors ".Khanh Hoa

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