Global Cash Flow Is Massively Pouring Into Carbon

The 'giants' in Wall Street and large corporations are betting on climate innovation. According to the Economist, the International Energy Agency calculates that new patents related to core technologies such as battery, hydrogen, smart grid and carbon seizure are far exceeded patents in other technologies, including fossil fuels. Global investment into energy conversion. Photo: Bloombergnef.The passed "renewal" of the cash flow

. In just last year, investors have poured more than $ 500 billion in "energy conversion process" (abbreviation of carbon loss for everything from energy, transporting to industrial and agriculture), many folds Double compared to 2010, according to research firm Bloombergnef. A segment of which has become the risk of venture capital acceptance (VC) overflowing into many areas. PWC Consulting Company is estimated at the 2013-2020, the investments of VC into climate technology have increased 5 times the overall funding rate for global startups
In 2021, the headings This private can reach nearly $ 60 billion in the US alone, compared with the year of $ 36 billion last year. Does this boom will create a new "blockbuster" industry? Global investment in energy conversion of venture capital investment in the US into climate technology, according to the field of 2020. Photo: Silicon Valley Bank . Brief reply is: Absolutely possible. The business of modern climate technology seems to be more stable and sustainable in terms of financial than a decade ago. Mr. Abe Yokell belongs to Congruent Ventures to remember: "If you enter VC's meeting room (*) and say you are working on clean technology, senior partners will leave the room". Here, all these people settled, they were encouraged by successful stories like Beyond Meat, the opponent of Impossible Foods, caused its original supporters to get a ruffled money when Public debut in 2019 with a value of 1.5 billion USD and now worth nearly 8 billion USD. Especially Tesla, Tien Phong Company in the field of electrical automobile with market capitalization has increased from 1
7 billion USD when on the floor in 2010 to USD 718 billion present. In the past 3 years, the global clean technology index of S

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