Global Corporations Call On The ‘world’s To-do List’ Campaign Towards Global Goals Sdg

The leading corporations in the world are together to join the 'World's To-Do List' campaign (temporarily translated: the list of jobs to do of the world), towards sustainable development objectives (SDGs). Group of large corporations in the world are calling for many other companies and organizations together to act, and participate in the "To-do list" campaign, starting from the United Nations Conference on Climate Change Glasgow in November. Biomass Wood Pellet Production from Garbage Materials at Unilever Vietnam Factory. Photo: Ulv From September 20-26, Unilever,, Reckitt, Mars, Diageo and DPDGroup has launched the "World's To-Do List" campaign led by the non-profit organization Project Everyone, aimed at Raising awareness at a global scale, towards completing 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (Global Goal) - A plan to be adopted by all United Nations Member States 2015 to eradicate poverty reduction, overcome inequality and resolve climate crisis in 2030

. This is part of annual events anniversary of the birth of global goals in the United Nations. Translations are developed with Karmarama Communications Company (Accenture Interactive), which is led by the "Global Target Business Squad", including large corporations: Unilever, Arm, Avanti, Commvault, Diageo, DPDGroup ,, Mars, NTT, Reckitt, Salesforce, SAP and Wood - represent more than 700,000 employees and have more than 100 million access to communes festival
Each company leads 1 of 17 global goals, and is actively acting to raise awareness and implement actions in the enterprise to help achieve these goals. The companies participate in the battle "World's To-Do List" translation will share the actions they are doing to contribute to gaining global goals and at the same time stating the activities of "World's To-Do List" that every company will Implementation in the near future, Unilever is committed to ensuring that all people who directly provide goods and services to the Company have enough income to live in 2030, to complete the target number 10 - Minimize the inequality. In the meantime, recently started the impact challenge for women and girls with a 25 million dollar fund to create development paths for women And young girls, suitable for the target No. 5 - Gender equality. Ms. Rebecca Marmot - Sustainable Director Unilever Group, the world faces great challenges, from variables Climate change is raging to famine and poverty. Related issues will only be resolved when all jointly act - coordination between businesses, government and society. "Global goals bring a clear range, help We resolved these challenges, bringing a planet and society more developed by 2030. We are committed to doing their role and hoping that we will complete the extremely extreme items Important of 'to-do list' ", Mrs
Rebecca stressed. The official canal was released through a video with vivid images, image of global goals in" World's To-Do List " into giant notes, bringing playful but deep messages, indicating that sustainable development goals are the fact that everyone can be done and reminds each person to have a plan Fix the problems of the world. The giant note paper will also appear in many different locations such as reminders of actions that need to do Gay instantly - From the Southbank center in London, billboards across the 4 continents of non-profit partners Arts Help, to the large-scale art project across India with Ruble Nagi Art Foundation The paintings on the walls are throughout the villages in 5 states. Besides, activities are being implemented with local communities to educate and support the problems that the global goal proposed. In addition, the Leadership Fund

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