Global Trading Floor – Technology – Real Estate Project 2020: Four Home Wins Big In Many Important Items

On August 13, at the glorious ceremony of the trading floor - Technology - Vietnam Real Estate Project 2020, Four Home Excellent Overcoming many units, winning many important awards.Top 10 immobile trading floors Schedule of Northern region is the second year in a row, Four Home is honored "Top 10 typical real estate trading floors in the North Region". Established in 2015, with the mission to provide services Best for customers / investors, community benefit sharing, Four Home has constantly strives to grow and have certain successes. So far, the company has grown strongly with a team near 1,000 dynamic and professional employees are always dedicated. The goal of Four Home is to become a leading prestigious real estate company in the market, develop human resources, improve financial potential, expand the scale of operation

. Besides business development, Four Home also Focusing on researching and exploiting new types of products and services to optimize benefits for customers / investors. Beautiful flowers like flowers - live desires like bird wings - lives enthusiasm like flames. Orientation to become a leading Multi-Industrial Service Trade Group in Vietnam, Four Home's mission is to become a bridge, bringing values to customers / partners, which are converging and giving off opportunities Trade for potential human resources
Through a long way, Four Home has been growing, expanding its scale, solidifying the pioneering step, conquering many high-end projects, aiming to become a trading platform Top nationwide.Top 10 real estate inspirational characters Also at the glorification of trading floor - Technology - Real Estate Project, Mr. Pham Trung Hieu - General Director of Four Home Real Estate Trading Floor has been Honoring "Top 10 Vietnamese real estate inspirational characters 2020". Award is rigorously voted, publicly, promoting the contribution of individuals. This is a prestigious award for outstanding characters, playing an important role, with a great influence, a representative representative of the market. "Many people pursue real estate brokerage with high income levels . However, real estate is not merely a business field, very easy to go but difficult to come. To achieve dream income, you have to spend a lot of effort. Many people consider this place to express intelligence, challenge their ability and bravery. I will always accompany Four Home, build the best learning and work environment, helping young people to be confident as a job "- Mr
Pham Trung Hieu - General Manager Four Home Real Estate Trading Floor SHARE! Typical real estate salesman who owns quality personnel, Four Home is a convergence and exchange of opportunities for potential human resources. Standardizing the business staff identified as the most important goal. The company has focused on training human resources, building a team of experts with good thinking, perfecting sales skills to improve the quality of personnel, create competition in the market. In the "House for sale Typical real estate products in 2020 ", there are 4 employees at Four Home honored. It is: Ms. La Thi Thu Hien - Four Home PLUS Real Estate Trading Floor. Hong Hiep - Real Estate Trading Floor Four Home Mong Cai. Dong Dang Van Hung - Real Estate Trading Floor Four Home Hai Phong .Ba Nguyen Thi Huyen - Four Home Real Estate Trading Floor. With dedication to devoted, for many years in a row, the company is honored to be honored in many important items. This is a great achievement, the result for the tireless dedication of the entire CBNV Four Home! Thu Thuy

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