Gm Automobile Company Troubleshoot Chevrolet Bolt Electric Car Battery Error

GM announced recalls nearly 69,000 Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles worldwide due to concerns of fire and explosion risk after recording 2 new fires, which relates to a car that has been updated software installation. 1: 33 Nam Southern Electric Chevrolet Bolt. (Source: Green Car Reports) The US Automobile Manufacturing Group (GM) of the US said it would replace all failed batteries models on Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles under the previous month. Replacement program It can be started as soon as in the second half of this month, applying with Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles produced from 2017-2019 summoned in July last year. In announcement, GM said it would replace battery module Lithium ions of means are summoned, instead of replacing the entire battery system

. Battery containers, wiring and non-faulty components will not need to be replaced. Before that, July 23, GM announced recalls nearly 69,000 Chevrolet Bolt cars worldwide due to risk concerns Fire after recording 2 new fires, which relates to a car has been updated software. The Bolt model had had to summon in November 1120 due to the risk of fire
New summons took place after GM and the US safety management agencies urged EV Bolt sample owners to park outside House and away from home after charging the battery. The largest automobile manufacturing of the US said "Expert from GM and (battery maker) LG determines the simultaneous presence of 2 rare production errors in the same The battery pack is the cause of battery fire in some EV Chevrolet Bolt. "GM plans to use other generation batteries when launching Hummer and Cadillac electric vehicles in 2022./.Phan An (VNA / Vietnam)

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