Go To Gia Lai Ecstatic Before The Yellowish Forest

Instead of crowded between Da Lat crowded to see flowers, not far away, on the Central Highlands, go to Gia Lai and admire the golden color of the flower of the road. In the cool weather, In the green of the seasonal moment, the flower blooms waving to visit visitors to the sunny and windy red land. The muaric trees are interspersed with tea plantations in Gia Lai, adding to the beautiful natural settings here. Photo: Nguyen Thi Dau.The 10 is the month of the flower and also the first flower begins for ecstatic wildflowers

. Without the hands of the breeder, the plants on this land kept growing naturally, flourishing, beautifully beautiful. Out of the flower season, the season will return to beautify the homeland land. Photo: Hung VT
This tree has many names such as queen, lights, scorpion flowers, golden scorpions, tomorrow wire, late spring tree, Mai Late, Osaka ... are grown much in urban areas like home Trang, Da Lat, Da Nang, Saigon ... but many people believe that wild trees in the Highlands are the most beautiful. Photo: Pham Quy.Hong hatched, hatching the whole tree, this cotton hatched each other hatched each big beam, to green leaves also nestled with shirky golden sharp colors of flowers. Between the blue sky, the yellow flowers are more brilliant under the dazzling sun
Photo: Hoang Hiep Chu Du.hoa Muoi Hoang Yen not only attracts many photographers taking photos but also attracts many young people to travel, check-in, explore the highlands of the highlands. Photo: ngoc.sh. From above looks down, you will be surprised as you are admiring the natural carpet with the main green of the tea leaves, points by the beautiful yellow markings. The shiny yellow of the flower makes guests enchanted, not leaving. Photo: Nguyen Thi Dau.QUA Roads with long-length rows on the horizon, tens of tens of petals that create rare romantic scenery. The yellow flower is full of dirt roads that make you feel like being lost in a romantic Korean movie. Photo: Dizzythanhle.hoa Muoi Muoi has five-wing, fresh yellow, hatching into clusters, hanging down. The most beautiful place to admire the beauty of Hoa Muong forest is a rewarding area of Tea 2 and Team 3, belonging to Bau Can Tea and Chu Prong district. Photo: Hoang Hiep Chu Du. Looking from far away, the whole mountain streets are covered with colorful flutters, golden colors run into long lines, alternating tea hills, crept across the ridge. The beauty of the beauty adds heaven to collect here, becoming a familiar image that children who are far away from home are always remembered about where to bury the cord cutting vegetables. Photo: Hoang Hiep Chu Du.No looked like Hong, Cam Tu Nhau, glad ... This wildflower brings simple, simple but charismatic beauty, appealing to anyone who has arrived here. October on this land is also an opportunity for lovers of yellow flowers to reunite, see each other in the next flower seasons. Photo: Pham Quy.The Van Anh / Zing

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