Go To The Ex-wife’s House After A Year Of Divorce, Look At The Yard I’ve Been Quick For The Whole Month

In the drunkenness, I went straight to the address in the message that my friend sent. It was the home of my ex-wife.0: 00/2: 03 South of the South A year ago, I broke myself very happy. At that time, I criticized my old wife was ugly, always sloppy. Then I loved another woman to put a divorce

. My old wife was shocked but still signed a divorce. Every month later, I married my lover. Despite being faced by her parents, I was still proud of gaining the same woman I like
But then the day was happy, I quickly discovered my new wife outside, there was no good point. Looking at the yard I was dedicated throughout the month. Husband "should not touch. Going to get tired, seeing the wife wearing a skirt, the splendid makeup lies to surf the phone that the house is dirty, the cup is full of tanks or stinking clothes, I wanted to go crazy. I advise my wife but every time she criticized me as a man who measured, "wearing a woman dress". The wife told me useless, each month earning several tens of millions showed rich, if she knew I was a one who didn't dare to rent the maid, I didn't marry it. Old wife. Previously, I went home, the house was clean, fragrant clothes. Alone taking care of the two twins whose ex-wife never caught a word, never let me touch the bowl or broom. Then
.. last month, I drunk drunkly with you and went straight to the address he brought. That's my ex-wife's address. At that time was 9 pm. When stood in front of a two-storey house, spacious, I was very unexpected. The more shocked when she saw an ex-wife and a man and my two children were sitting chatting in the stone tables and chairs. Then the other man bent down, seeming to tie shoelaces for my ex-wife with a gentle, loving attitude. Living with her for more than 4 years, I have never done so, even if she carries a pair of pregnancy. That scene, my heart is quick. Unexpectedly far from me, the old wife had such a happy life. Returning to my house, I just felt bored and tired. Everyone, I regret it too. Should I get an excuse to visit your child to find ways to resume ancient love with ex-wife? Follow My Hanh / Fatherland newspaper

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