Going Home Is To See His Wife Running Away To Take A Towel, I Have Been Able To Install The Camera And Find The Sun Truth

I gave the opportunity to apologize, but she didn't recognize her mistake, on the contrary to divorce me with me. If one day there was a strange person to press your doorbell, don't rush to believe in the word Sorry "wrong house", because sometimes they are patrons you are away from home! Until now, I agreed to sign a divorce application, I didn't know if I discovered the high-handed adultery of my wife, I was married more than 4 years ago, only 2 weeks ago Come to celebrate the 5th wedding anniversary. My wife is a guaranteed woman who is, skillfully said and especially with beautiful beauty. Everyone told me to enjoy it because of "crab" was beautiful by his wife, but looked like my nose. Looking down to love, I also have many children who are locked below at the university to pursue very much

. I gave birth to the first 1 year ago, from there so far she stayed at home to take care and stay in health. Ward. I plan to open a small pharmacy, rent a shop near the house for your wife, she also responds
Bunch of time at home to take care of her, my wife never goes anywhere. Having helped to go to the market, wash the cleanup, she cooks and breast-feeding, playing with me waiting for me. Sometimes I took my wife and children to go back to the weekend, but for 2 months now don't go anywhere. I went to work once a week at home with my wife and children from the morning to night. (Artwork) she helped home so my wife had to do everything in the house. I noticed my wife very hard to expose clothes, and she often washed a towel to wait until I returned to my house. I thought it would have to buy 3 towels with a brilliant yellow and red blue towels for daily, asking her to play a towel, she just smiled it was "the habit". For a few days ago , When I just came home, there was a bell to press. Just opening the door, a strange man was about to walk into my house, removing the mask and said, "Calling the new new forever". I was surprised to hold him, he was also startled in facing me
It was not enough to say anything more, he rushed back to the mask and ran away, didn't forget to say more "wrong house". I looked at anyone who came, I told her to hear it, my wife's face didn't seem good very. I remembered this afternoon soon not told me so my wife seemed to restless, ran to the balcony to draw a towel but I stopped, asking her to make my coffee. After the strange man appeared, my wife entered the bedroom for a long time, texting the phone to someone forgot to cook rice. It was not true that the next day I silently ordered a tiny camera, Bring hidden in a base tree outside the balcony. The camcorder can look directly into the living room and doors, to see when I'm away from home, what happens. However, the day after I go to work, the truth has been exposed: My wife adultery right in the main Our house! The towel was used as an ignorance, drying towards the husband to go away, take a towel to be a husband. Her mistress name in the opposite apartment will see and self-known to grope, no need to make a call for afraid I discovered! I'm bitterly sitting at the agency until evening late, my mind doesn't know what to do. Today I was away, she was away, she exposed to the towel, and Y that half an hour after the "wrong house" men arrived, hugging my wife and wrapped together on the living room sofa! Unable to understand that when I witnessed that scene, I was so calm, cleaning up home like nothing happened. Phuong did not crave calls to ask why I was late, because 5pm was the love guy who was dressed out. I went to her tiny child sleeping in the chamber, but the mother sneaked I really feel extremely painful. Why do Phuong do that? She knew her love at any time, I didn't let my wife lacks a lot of suggestions outside? Leaning around in the first 1 thousand questions, I decided to divorce in peace. Every night sat drinking alcohol in the balcony, looked at the chair and remembered his wife and his love, I just wanted to hit her a match. I called my parents and his wife to divorce, they shocked so they asked me with the reason. I only sent a sentence again: "It's all at the bath towel!". The time took the divorce, Phuong signed the face without turning. I asked her to love her husband, Phuong didn't say anything. I gave the opportunity to apologize, but she didn't recognize her mistake. I don't know what the love guy gave her anything, but from now on I will make a single father. Later the method wants to get back to me, I will definitely not let it call a woman like that mother! According to Aries / Fatherland newspapers

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