Going Through Life And Death, I Love Love Usually!

After more than 22 days of death fighting with Covid-19, I won returned. I want to tell my story, and want to say a lot of thanks to the team of physicians, relatives who have always been with me before Mong Manh Bi - Death.0: 00/0: 00 Nam Tham is a great blessing, I went through the death and returned to my love with myself. My body was the owner of an interior construction company in Ho Chi Minh City - where is the most terrible center of the country. As soon as we have a way of stretching, we have given the entire office to work at home, only a carpentry workshop in District 12, but I don't go to the workshop

. The test of my apartment building, my test results are negative. Nuch days I have to breathe oxygen at a panic hospital. On July 12, I went to the office to sign about a record about 10 minutes and didn't meet the staff However, there is a green department to buy fruits (maybe I have been infected from this point)
Then go home from July 15 and don't leave the house. On the morning of July 22, I had a mild fever, so I stopped by Gia Dinh Columbia and Hoan My examination, but were rejected. I passed through BV Binh Thanh District quickly tested, the results were positive and were "shaken" to be quarantined, unable to prepare anything. When entering the first quarantine, that afternoon, the PCR is still negative, but 7 days after PCR testing is positive, July 31, I can go home. However, go home 1 day, high fever, oxygen to low SP02 and 77, I was transferred to an emergency battle, the disease became seriously, had to breathe oxygen. Witnessing many people lying right next to no pass, many transgenic people also leave, a fear came. Even doctors are also positive, luckily they have been vaccinated and so mild illness. The hospital stays are horrible, I fevered for 12 consecutive days, insomnia 1 week, losing taste, what to eat is also salty, eat into vomiting, diarrhea, coughing blood, heart muscle effect, ie Chests, pneumonia, oxygen breathing, SP02 is always at 80-88 nearly 1 week, going to the toilet is also difficult due to lack of oxygen, 5kg ..
Luckily, those days have passed, health gradually stabilizes , negative PCR testing, has antibodies and is home to home. More than 22 days away from home, fighting illness, loneliness, worry, fear is always standing when many sick people next to themselves have not passed. Never have myself, my family and the whole city, this country experienced such a horrifying translation. The number of people infected is increasing, the hospitalization is more and more, death. Many families of parents died, helpless, many families were infected with the whole family, each is isolated, treated a place without knowing why their relatives, many families, casualties. The obsession is too horrified about this Covid-19 epidemic.After 22 days of grasping the hospital, witnesses the pain, loss, I finally be discharged home. In the field of war hospitals where I treat, everyone People are very well wrapped together. But hurt a lot, I witnessed two people lying next to the severe, 5 emergency doctors, my best effort, but everyone was silent, the patient was too heavy, not over. There are couples together, the husband is heavy, translating hospitals and then died after a few days, the wife had to fight Covid-19, just underwent the pain, this loss was too large. There are 2 mother daughter to treat, the mother is heavy, also moved to the hospital and died. Also in this disease, three with his son in this side, mother to the other party and his mother died, hiding three days to dare to say. Many people entered Located 2, 3 days and then moved, died after a few days of hospitalization. Particles are painful, pitiful, casual circumstances, children who lose their father, wives lose their husbands, orphans both father and mother, quietly funny, no time shared. Unable to imagine the epidemic is so horrified. Now I'm still haunting, life is impermanent. So, grateful to those who are struggling to fight out the epidemic out there for me and you pass the death, so society is peaceful. Love the people with me when you can. Please appreciate this life when I'm healthy. Anti-epidemic war is still long ... Right vaccine right away if any vaccine is, to save me, save people. Don't choose the vaccine to lose the opportunity, sometimes life. Luckily, a heavy patient, I won, Binh An returned to the family. Never, I see health, peace is so precious. Going through life and death, I love you love usually. Nguyen Hong Diep, Ward 21, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

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