Going To A Strong Model Of 1400 Horsepower, Running 400km / H Coming From The ‘chinese Government Car Company – Threatening Both Ferrari, Lamborghini?

Ferrari, Lamborghini or other supercar firms are worried about the Hongqi S9? At the Shanghai Automotive Exhibition in April, the Silk-Faw Alliance includes the FAW car company which is partially held by the Chinese government and Silk - a startup truck from the US has introduced a 'upper' car (hypercar) to run Hongqi S9. With the "heart" hybrid with 1 petrol engine V8 Turbo and 3 electric motors, Hongqi S9 Giving out a capacity of up to about 1400 horsepower, helping to accelerate 0-100km / h in just 1.9 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 400km / h. Only 99 pcs Hongqi S9 are manufactured with prices from 1, 8 million USD Can you unknown: Hypercar (temporarily translated as a higher level) at a higher level supercar (roughly translated as a supercar). The upper samples often have extremely attractive designs, huge capacity , high selling price, is produced with very good quality, goes with the limited number

. The image of this car appears before is still only the production car, and the actual appearance of real car models inclusion Sometimes will sometimes change. According to the latest information, the Hongqi S9 production version will be present at the Milan design week in Italy, taking place at the beginning of the following month. H9 Hongqi model will export Currently the fashion capital and worldwide design are assessed by experts that this is a step-in-law-oriented step - Competing with Ferrari and Lamborghini
hongqi S9 will compete with Ferrari and Lamborghin. Cars do not have a voice in the world but want to compete with the talents that the world is smooth? Listen to the true strange, but when I look at what Silk-Faw has done, it will find that they are really serious. Must mention the first is the first recruitment of the Chairman of Volkswagen (Great Car Group The world's most walter de Silva. He was also a shape of the shape of Hongqi H9. However, Silk-Faw also taken to Ferrari's senior personnel and BMW to help them realize the goal of competing with Ferrari and Lamborghini. It was Roberto Fedeli (used to work at Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and BMW) with the responsibility of technical issues, it was Amedeo Felisa (former CEO CEO of Ferrari) as advisor. The wind diffuser under the car is the common characteristics on the real racing models, Roberto Fedeli and Amedeo Felisa are only 2 among many experienced outstanding names in the Luxury and Sports Carriers of Italy Is making Silk-Faw. Unknown what these personnel will really bring to Silk-Faw but with Hongqi S9, this model has a larger capacity than all the current models of Ferrari and Lamborghini. The biggest obstacle is Hongqi S9 as well as with both Silk-Faw probably not coming from the capacity that comes from the brand value. The entire corner of the Hongqi S9 S9: Photo: CarscoopsMinh Duc

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