Going To The Deep Cave To Set Traps, The Group Goes To The Forest Constantly Caught The Strange Solid With The Triangle Head: Is It Poisoned?

The whole group had surprisingly harvested when caught a lot of fish and worth better than two strange snakes inside the Hang.0: 00/1: 04 Southern men's Youtube channel LTL, a group of people to go to the forest did those Trap from Lay Tre and decided to set traps in extremely special places to see if there is any harvest. After completing the traps, they used a bamboo tube to remove the earthworm inside as a bait. The traps were then placed in a cave with water and inside was a shelter of many bats. Here lack of light so the creatures inside the cave all have vision not well, they mainly use olfactory and tactile to feel the environment

. Results: the group has surprised harvest when caught A lot of fish and worth better are two snakes inside the cave. A species is a solid lead (scientific name: enhydris plumbea) - with mild venom and another snake with a strange triangle head. Strange solid in this cave is poisonous? This snake seems In addition to the typical of a poisonous snake, then it is actually a harmless water snake with scientific name Trimerodytes aequifasciatus (solid water shuttle - English name is diamond-backed water snake)
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