Going To The House For A Meal, I Shocked Because There Was A Baby From The Kitchen Running Out With A Sweet And Sweet Voice

Whether boyfriend have explained how I still feel uneasy and any binh.So fate took me to him Hung - a man who has seen disruption and failure in marriage. Heard his heart, I feel the sincerity and desire to live in true love. Hung told his first wife lived too cold and tough, he can not reveal all the masculine form and nature of man. Plus her outrageous behavior and frankly too, indelicate

. Into a long-term commitment to extremely khan.Giua also Hung and his ex-wife with a rope mount boys 3 years old. According to Hung shared, kid should stick with his ex-wife or mother more than he is custody
She had a full economic potential, not dependent on anyone. Hung himself wanted to leave from the later marriage to a freer, not free of kids and find true happiness long.Anh hoa.Toi familiar intelligent Hung around mid-year, but a few months several new love love very dark deep feeling. He's like bring me safe, so I always firmly based reassuring. On the other hand, I like to share Hung new wind blowing in a soul is barren of him. The age gap was 8 years old our but I did not care about such things, one heart and diversity of all the great things to anh.Hien at his best, my parents know I'm familiar one man divorced his wife. At first, her parents did not agree, but because I had gently explained about his circumstances should parents Hung has eased somewhat. Then, I also actively take Hung home debut, parents also happy because despite her daughter's lover a little bit older but gentle personality, gentle and still love each style do
Vai last month because complicated epidemic situation, me and Mr. Hung has not actually met too many times. Many day he extended an invitation to me to go home, but I kept refusing. Not know, just that I see are not ready. We also did "sex" but outside, not in the house of one of them. Fortunately the terms "bedding", he Hung and I get along so relationship lasting a day. Love the man has complete everything, I was pampered, every day are very happy waking phuc.Toi last week, Hung said he go home to dine. Initially I was afraid because her parents will face Hung without much psychological preparation. But he said his parents were home away wedding of a relative should not have at home. I agree to the use bua.Song lover when Hung take me home, at the gate he was surprised and exclaimed, "Why do not lock the door, right, or if anyone was in the house?" . I also suddenly chillingly but also had with him the next step in proving hoa.Vua trong.Anh new opening, a baby in the kitchen ran out crying, "Dad, dad ...". Turns out this is his stepson Hung. And yet, a woman's voice sounded sweet glancing also "I'm home too? Fruits in refrigerator delicious too!". Immediately, I saw eyes afraid of Hung toward her. The other woman is the ex-wife of Hung, I really do not understand why divorce How long that she still holds house key old husband. Hung introduced sides together, I greeted her very kind te.Mot moment later, ex-wife of Hung said: "Today I came here to disrupt nor because he did not know about his girlfriend. Only is wanted for the last boy playing with grandparents, but now a new call or message grandparents hometown wedding go. come on mother and daughter here, another day to play dentist ".Noi paragraph, she put his son Hung on by taxi. Hung apologized that day because I just happened to meet unplanned. My mood became excited from shortfalls and disheveled. I think a lot whether or not? Since then, I kept exasperating, irritating, affordable I am jealous of his former wife? According to Law and Readers

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