Going To The House Of The Future, The Boy Discovered His Wife To Go To His Grandmother

Being a father-in-law, the boy went to the neighborhood to learn, knowing how wife was about to go to her grandmother for since days now.0: 00/2: 30 namxiaoding namxiaoding this year 29 years old, in Xinxiang , Henan, China. Through matchmaking, he became acquainted with a woman named Cheng Momin (28 years old). It was eager to marry, Xiaoding took out the courage to propose his girlfriend after a few dating times. Unexpected Cheng Momin agreed immediately and asked for a 100,000 bad wedding gifts (about VND 350 million)

. She also asked a boyfriend to bring cash instead of transferring or buying a wedding gift.1 million currency is not a small amount but this is also the general price in the locality so Xiaoding immediately to the bank withdrawal and gave the girlfriend. On receipt, Cheng Momin was very happy, she was shyly put on his lips a kiss
But that happiness didn't last long with Xiaoding. A week later, his girlfriend asked him to add 108,000 in cash. This request exceeds the ability of the Xiaoding family. Therefore, his parents contacted Cheng Moumin and asked her to explain. Cheng saw a boyfriend who didn't want to spend more money, so he blocked in touch with these people. Xiaoding was very pressed when she was discovered that she was deceived. To get an explanation, Xiaoding and the family have found every way to reach Cheng's house Momin. But when they arrived, she avoided. Cheng's father did not continue Xiaoding. He took the bricks and chased Xiaoding out the door: "Looking at it and asks, don't bother me
" The future wife's father has a touching part, Xiaoding has temporarily backed out, turning to neighbors to learn love. Neighborhood is afraid to talk to Xiaoding but when he saw a poor boy revealing the truth. This person said Cheng Momin this year was 38 years old, not 28 years old. Moreover, Cheng Momin also has a daughter. The daughter also married her husband and had a small child. Cheng officially got a grandmother for a few years. Xiaoding listened like dumbfounded. He felt he had been taught his nose spectacularly, looking for her to ask for it. But she rejected responsibility. She said, her job was to introduce people, and to learn and decide to get married to the boy. Finally, thanks to the help of the reporter, Xiaoding new contact with Cheng Momin. But when the call has just connected, listening to Xiaoding, Cheng Moumin rushed to interrupt the machine.xiaoding decided to take the incident of law, asking the court to reclaim the wedding gift money to help me, the case is still reviewed by the court . However, this is also a lesson for those who are rushed and lightly in the news. It tips for young people when looking for the object to marry is in addition to paying attention to the behavior of the other, parents and the environment. The object of the object is also two factors that need to be concerned.Linh Giang (according to Sohu)

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