Going To The Lamentation: ‘giving A Wife 5 Million / Month Without Floating A Saving Copper’, Her Husband Is Full Of Stone Tiles

The amount of 5 million 1 month seems to be too little compared to the living standard of a family of 4 people in / 5: 12am southrong marriage, undeniable that finance is a very important issue . Many couples shared that the burden of "rice, coat, rice, money" made them feel stress, tired. Money is also the topic that makes many couples argued. The network of lamentation: 'Bringing a wife 5 million / month without floating a saving copper', the husband is full of bricks here, on a group association Attracting a large number of users, a user name HT has confided about his family situation. It is known that after giving birth to the second child, this husband advised his wife so he was at home to take her child to sturdy and then go to work again

. (Artwork) He went to work 1 month for 13 million but only took his wife 5 million . This husband thinks that the cost of raising children is not too expensive because "the baby drinks milk, the adult eats have some rice, inexpensive." Next, the husband saw his wife eating and eating very simple, savings so he thought not to spend too much money
However, until he told his wife to transfer 30 million to his hometown to build a grave, his wife said she couldn't leave a reserve. This makes their husband conflict, quarreling this user's confession: "After giving birth to the second child because there was no interior of help, I told my wife to rest at home, 3 years old, kid 2-year-old 2-year-old cables for school, please see another job. But see ṙa she doesn't mean. Wife says: "Hours of work to find harder, staying at home for a long time when I'm afraid of doing it . With me, I am very economical, all 4 people are hard. "- I'm worried that I don't need to worry about money. Every other time, whatever you do, I don't have to worry about it. Being a worker is a worker. He is a break is a break. So she stays at home to take her child
My salary 13 million, every month I take her 5 million, 2 children, 1 child, 1 child Eat the rice beads. Wife only at home with ṙA outside doing anything but spreads money when I sometimes sometimes have the day I am in the middle of my wife's rice bowl with each boiled vegetable bowl with saucer, wife eating saving Then the month of 2 million is the same. So in the end of the year my father told me in the countryside, I just asked my wife to take money: - I take you 30 million to bring you to build a grave in my hometown. - What do you do? - Every month take you 5 million to the market, but now there is no money? I'm small, eating and drinking with me only eating vegetables, the money is over. 5 million Let's go a lot. Stars are all. - I see your wife just dare to eat vegetables that you don't even know g wife. His child must have only breastfed, the older weaned to drink out of milk. It is also necessary to buy porridge food for children, money, money money. Sometimes the type of type. Dinner I see when I have to cook all to compensate for him. 5 Million / month for 4 people I had to save it very much enough. Now what is expensive, 5 million do. This is that I also got more jobs at home enough to spend it so I don't say much .- Don't have long lines explained. All falsely gave her wasteful spending. Words I called my parents to tell my wife about it, she also called the car to take 2 children and I didn't want to keep it again Thinking her husband struggled to raise his wife and children but this wife was different from harming her husband. Newly sweating with a currency that she kept doing as money to fly into the house should be innocent, everyone I found my handle OK? "(Screenshot) The lines of confide This husband received countless stone tiles from the online community. Many people expressed an urter because of the way of thinking, the action of the husband. The first is that he earns 13 million a month but only takes his wife 5 Million money spending in the house. The cost of raising 2 children is not small in modern society. Therefore, spending in 5 million ... again to make money saving is unimaginable. Meanwhile , This husband's own husband is entitled to spend 8 million. "Spending 5 million a month but to leave, I worshiped," Lan Anh wrote. "The premium of the young man's wife", the user Peace commentary. The spending spends on 4 people in the city in the city's financial situation for reasonable and efficient spending, first, you need to know the family's financial situation. You and collectors Enter how much 1 month from all sources. The main income is the basis for you to spend every month. Excellent income, you can spend more handling. In contrast, with a tight waist income, you need to spend a little more savings. Freighted collection regularly after making a budget, you need to monitor the revenue to manage your family 4 finances in the city. Every day, list the expenses into Excel spreadsheets, follow-up manuals or financial management applications. By the end of the period (month, week, quarter), you should sit again to see the expensive newspaper. This allows the money manager to grasp the money to make it really go, is it reasonable? Through this, make appropriate adjustments.

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