Going To The Unexpected Lover’s House, I Was Stunned To Hear The Hope And Daze With Her Form

I always thought my lover was a very good person, the spell. But only after once came to her house unexpectedly, I was like 'Eye Expansion'.0: 00/2: 03 nam and children loved each other through a friend's term. He or she praised the words, also said that children are the type of family woman, ready to sacrifice careers for families. A standard person I asked

. However, the first time I met, I was satisfied because of the humble talk, Nhu's courses. Looking at the old phone, breaking the screen, I wonder if Nhi said she wanted to save money to fix her parents. Hearing that, I have a deeper impression on her
Through the next time, I was actively taking children to buy a new phone. I also took children home to play several times. My parents like her very much. Nhi was not afraid to go to the kitchen, my mother cooked, chatting ranging like she had been familiar with a long time. She actively bought my mother's gift and called my mother with "mother". My parents also told me to get married quickly, so that it was suddenly since I saw the children against hips, gay red face because of anger, the foot of the stone constantly entered the car in front of me, I "out of the swell". (Artwork) but the few days ago, when I arrived at home suddenly to put my mother's clothes, I was severely stunned because I found that children were not gentle as he thought. As soon as I reached the house, I heard the loud sound: "Old lady, do you buy a train station? There is no use. Then the car doesn't have it. I hate grandparents
I will quickly take the rich husband and then turn away from this house. "I turned off, built outside the gate and went in. Seeing children against hips, gay's red face because of anger, footsteps constantly on the car built in front of me. Where is the gentle girl? Where did the girl speech? Where is the family of family standards I love? Seeing me, I hurriedly regained my fresh shape even though still embarrassed. I greeted her parents, silently injured their strenuousness and helplessness and walked straight. Today, Nhi kept texting, calling transparent but I no longer wanted to continue. Is there a way to break up without a bitter words? Or I said straight out what she saw so she knew the road but changed for the following love. My Hanh / Fatherland newspaper

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