Gold Price Goes Down In Both Domestic And World

Gold prices in the trading session on August 11 have come down both in the country and the world.02: 00/1: 18nam Southern compensation, closing the session in the US, the world gold price immediately stood at the level USD 1,729 / ounce, 5 USD / ounce reduction compared to the same time. Meanwhile, the price of gold futures for December 2021 on Comex New York stood at 1,734 USD / ounce. The price of precious metal is still very low and always in a state of ready to plunge after a sharp decline in Last weekend. Worldwide reversed at the USD price of VND 49

.0 million / tael, excluding tax and fees, lower than about 8 million dong / tael compared to the domestic gold price. , opened in the morning session 11-8, SJC gold price of Saigon Gemstone Gold Company listed at 56.20 - 56
90 million dong / tael (buying - selling), down 50,000 dong / tael Both buying and selling compared to the previous trading session. The gold price difference is currently higher than the purchase price of VND700,000 / tael. The Doji delegation listed gold price at 56.15 - 57.65 million dong / tael, maintaining both directions compared to the previous session. The difference in buying and selling gold prices is at VND 1.5 million / tael. At Phu Quy Company, the gold price is currently trading at VND 56.30 - 57.30 million / tael, unchanged compared to the session front before

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