Gold Price In The Afternoon Of November 29, 2021: World Gold Approached 1,800 Usd / Ounce

World gold price on November 29 increased and approached 1,800 USD / ounce. However, the domestic gold price tends to reduce SJC to 60.65 million dong / tael. At 16:30 SJC gold price of Saigon SJC Jewelry Company in Hanoi to buy VND 59.95 million / Quality (an increase of VND 50,000 / tael compared to the last weekend) - Selling 60

.65 million dong / tael (reducing VND220,000 / tael). DOJI gold price listed in Hanoi at 59.9 million dong / tael (Reducing VND 50,000 / tael) - Selling VND 60
6 million / tael (down VND 200,000 / tael). PNJ - SJC delegation listed SJC gold price in Hanoi at 59.9 million dong / tael ( Reduce VND 120,000 / tael) - Selling 60.60 million dong / tael (down VND 300,000 / tael). Gold price is close to 1,800 USD / ounce on Phu Quy - SJC listed in Hanoi at 59.95 million Copper / Tantue (reduced VND 120,000 / tael) - Selling VND 60.6 million / tael (down VND 250,000 / tael). World gold price of 1,789 - 1,798 USD / ounce World gold price on November 29, transactions around 1,789 - 1,798 USD / ounce, an increase of 10 USD / ounce compared to yesterday. End afraid of a variable The new Covid-19 is promoting a panic to sell risk assets. Although there is still no information about new variations in South Africa, there are concerns that global economic activities will be limited when governments take new isolation measures to prevent spread The terrible LAN of the strain is rated as extremely dangerous
Some countries, including Canada have imposed a tourist ban to South Africa and 6 neighboring countries. No economists are concerned about the global economic growth slowed, which any measures Any new blockade will cause more trouble for the supply of supply at the present time. In other words, the risk of stagnant inflation is increasing. Although gold seems to be well supported in a new environment with the risks called Covid-19, this quarter is still a lot of damage required Repair after a large sale in the beginning of the previous week.With inflation is increasing, not surprising that the Fed is trying to tighten the monetary policy a little earlier than the end of next year. The descending speed can also accelerate, but that still does not change the current environment. Beyond, whether the Fed has tightened the monetary policy, then they will definitely stay behind the inflation curve, That means the real interest rate will remain low. This is a positive environment for gold. At the present, we will continue to see how the new Covid-19 threat happen, but it is clear that the central banks worldwide will not be able to ride the boat, if the economy meets Risks. Analysis said that gold investors should prepare for market fluctuations in the next week when there are many other opinions about the trend of precious metals. /.

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