Gold Price Increased By 100,000 Vnd / Tael

On the morning of August 17, domestic gold prices rose 100,000 dong / tael in the context of the world's precious metal prices. This is the second consecutive price increase. Gold price rose. Artwork, source: VNA now this morning, world gold prices rose 7 USD / ounce, to 1,787 USD / ounce. In the last night, when gold prices rose dozens of USD in the context of the geopolitical situation in the world unstable

. At more than 9 hours, the trading price at 1,785.7 USD / ounce.Theo technical analysis, the previous resistance of the gold price was 1,789 USD / ounce, followed by 1,800 USD / ounce
The first support level is 1,769.8 USD / ounce, followed by 1,760 USD / ounce. In the domestic market, also at the time above, on the website, Phu Nhuan Gemstone Gold Joint Stock Company listed gold prices SJC is 56.65 million dong / tael (buying) - 57.35 million dong / tael (sold), an increase of 100,000 dong / tael every afternoon compared to the afternoon. Company Limited Gon also increased by 100,000 dong / tael every afternoon, to be 56.65 million dong / tael (buy) - 57.35 million dong / tael (sold). File Phu Quy to gold bars and brands are 56 , VND 6 million / tael (buy) - 57.6 million dong / tael (sold) instead of 56
55 million dong / tael (buy) - 57.55 million VND / tael before. Buying and selling prices continue to be wide, have a place to be 1 million dong / tael. On August 16, gold prices rose VND 50,000 / tael every afternoon.

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