Gold Price On September 14, 2021: Pnj Dropped Sharply By Vnd 150,000 In The Sale Afternoon

Domestic gold prices fluctuate slightly. The world has no signs of returning to the racetrack due to the dollar increase in 9:00 / 2: 02 nuns of the year 8h45 on September 14 (Vietnam time), the world gold price stood at 1,790 USD / Ounce, an increase of 1 USD / ounce compared to the same morning. Gold prices last night attempted to recover 1,800 USD / ounce but failed. According to analysts, gold prices examined the important resistance level of 1,835 USD / ounce four times since mid-July and not Breaking down. At the same time, the faint interest in gold pushed the price of precious metal back to support below 1,800 USD / ounce

. Gold price kept stable when the dollar strongly up, between the context of the investor cautiously waiting for the Information about US consumer prices this week. The above information may affect the decision of the US Federal Reserve (FED) on the time of withdrawal of economic support policies. Gold price on Kitco trading floor morning 14/9 (Vietnam time )
The Kyle Rodda analysis of the IG Market Brokerage Organization in the UK said: "There is a belief that, if inflation increases rapidly, the Fed will be forced to limit support policies and that Meaning with interest rates will increase earlier than expected. This will be information that is not beneficial for gold prices ". In Vietnam, in Vietnam, at 8:30 on SJC gold price in Hanoi listed by Saigon Jewelry Company at 56.55 - 57 , VND 27 million / tael (buying - sold); 50,000 dong / tael slightly decreased in both directions compared to yesterday. DOJI gold price (Hanoi) listed at 56.60 - 57.70 million dong / tael (buying - selling); Unchanged compared to yesterday. Vietnam gold price at 8:30 am 14/9 / 2021.. Listed at 56
65 - 57.65 million VND / tael. PNJ gold price is falling sharply by VND 150,000 in the afternoon compared to yesterday, listing at 56.80 - 57.60 million / Tantue (buy - sell) .han (T / H from agriculture, people Vietnamese)

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