Gold Price On September 20 Increased By Vnd 150,000 / Tael

On the morning of September 20, the domestic gold price increased by 150,000 dong / taeline.02 / 1: 56 NTD NEWSMAN Illustration: Tran Viet / TTXVN at the time of 8 hours 37 minutes in Hanoi market, SJC gold price was company Gold and silver stones Saigon listed at 56.15 - 56.82 million dong / tael (buying - selling), an increase of VND 150,000 / tael in both buying and selling directions compared to the weekend. Phu Quy Gemstone Gold Company, SJC gold price is unchanged compared to the last weekend, at 56

.25 - 57.25 million dong / tael (buying - selling). At Jewelry Joint Stock Company Phu Nhuan, SJC gold price is listed at 56
3 - 57.2 million dong / tael (buying - sold), an increase of 100,000 dong / tael in buying and unchanged in the sale compared to the weekend Through it, despite recovering the last session of last week, it was a strong decline in the last week, causing the world gold price to record the next second weekend weeks, in the context of strong dollars and the investors are directing Attention on the upcoming Policy Meeting of the US Federal Reserve (Fed). Suki Cooper, the precious metal market analyst at Standard Chartered Bank (United Kingdom), although a significant notice of support policies will be unlikely to go to the November 2021 meeting of the Fed , but the September meeting is likely to offer forecasts of Fed officials - also known as "indicating instructions" for 2024. Most likely in 2024 FED will perform twice to increase similar interest rates As expected by 2023. Besides, inflation data can strengthen the point of view that the FED may slow down in withdrawing economic support measures and keeping interest rates low. Reduced interest rates will lower the opportunity cost of helping ingots - asset types / investment channels without interest. Gold prices are always sensitive to US interest rates. Because lower interest rates will make the dollar weak, but significantly increase the attractiveness of non-profitable assets such as gold. Armor (VNA)

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