Gold Price September 15, 2021: Sjc Increased Sharply To 100,000 Vnd In 2-way Purchase

The gold price today grummed up strongly when the US announced data related to inflation caused USD, bonds and securities was sold off. On the international market, gold prices today at 9:00 on September 15 (hourly Vietnam) is about 1,803 USD / ounce, down slightly compared to the price of the morning. The central exchange rate this morning was listed by the State Bank at VND 23,130 / USD, down 13 dong / USD compared to yesterday. USD price in commercial banks: 22,665 VND / USD to buy, 22,865 VND / USD sold, decreased by 5 dong each dollar compared to yesterday. Before September 15 (Vietnam time), gold price The world trading at 1,805 USD / ounce, noting a session to 21 USD / ounce

. Important information on September 14 is the US announcing data related to inflation, creating motivation for world gold prices Increased dozens of USD / ounce. Gold price on Kitco on September 15 (Vietnam time). In Vietnam, opening the trading session this morning, SJC gold price in Ho Chi Minh City market is listed 56, 65-57
35 million dong / tael, an increase of 100 thousand VND 2-way. This is the biggest adjustment of the national brand gold price within 1 week. Gold price in Vietnam at 8:30 am on September 15, while contrary to expectations, other brands remain immobile: Doji gold prices in Hanoi market remain at VND 56,60-57.70 million / tael. 9999 gold price of NPQ brand also maintained 50,40-51.60 million dong / tael; 24k gold price of Thang Long dragon of Bao Tin Minh Chau 51,51-52.21 million VND / tael in buying and selling ... but, with new movements in the world market, all domestic gold brands are It is expected to have a significant change in today
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