Gold Price Today 10/7: American Trade Tension – Trung Pushed The World Gold Price Increased

This morning (July 10), the world gold price continued to increase, by July 9, the Government of US President Joe Biden announced it will soon add at least 10 Chinese companies and other entities List of economic sanctions. US-China trade stress has caused investors to boost buying in order to limit the risk of cash flow.02: 00/4: 00 Southern gold price of the world depends on the Fed session in the US market last night - This morning (Hanoi time), the world gold price stood at over 1,808 USD / ounce, down more than 6 USD / ounce compared to the previous latch in this market. This market, in Asia, at 8 o'clock 15 minutes (Hanoi time), the world gold price trading around over 1,808 USD / ounce, an increase of 4 USD / ounce compared to the same transaction at the same time in the same time. The US CO

., LTD Industries and entities of the US into economic sanctions only after nearly 1 month the US Department of Commerce limited to export for 5 Chinese companies for solar battery products with allegations related to Problem for forcing people in Xinjiang. Investment investment is concerned that, the economies are still being hurt due to epidemics, if increasing trade stress, there will be more factors inhibiting the t Head of the economy. This is the reason why investors increase gold holding gold
World gold price continues to increase. Artwork.Thuan through, the gold market looks forward to the meeting minutes of the US Federal Reserve (Fed). Fed in the end FED has not given the time to lower the purchase rate of corporate bonds. Inflation is increasing, the Fed does not have a move to limit the amount of money circulation in the market, making investors risk risks. Along with that, the dollar turned down to support gold to raise prices. At the end of the week, the world gold price has increased by 20 USD / ounce compared to the opening price of the week. The family commented, the gold price still received the support of the market with an increased inflation factor. Along with that, the stock market from the US, Europe, Asia is at the time of adjusting sharply, the investors are worried that the fourth epidemic wave affects production and business activities Money holds more gold. Domestic goods fluctuated in the narrow range of this day, in the domestic market, the price of SJC gold was in the opposite direction with world gold prices
Specifically, at 8:30 pm, SJC gold price in Ho Chi Minh City Trading - sold around 56.75 - 57.45 million dong / tael. SJC gold price in Hanoi and Da Nang transactions to buy - sell in about 56.75 - 57.47 million dong / tael. The above markets fell by VND 50,000 / tael both buying and selling compared to the previous latch. The difference of buying - selling is VND 700,000 / tael. SJC gold price in Doji in the Hanoi market to buy - sell around 56.75 - 57.3 million dong / tael, walk sideways and afternoon to sell compared to Closing the previous session. The difference of buying - selling is VND 500,000 / tael. At Phu Quy Company, the price of SJC gold, listed on the Hanoi market to buy - sell at 56.9 - 57.3 million dong / tael, sideways Afternoon buying and selling compared to the previous latch. The difference of buying - selling is VND 400,000 / tael. Gold price rings Phu Quy 24K are listed by Phu Quy Company (Buy - Sell) at 51.25 - 51.95 million dong / tael, pass sidewater purchase and Afternoon sold compared to the previous latch. The difference of buying - selling is VND 700,000 / tael. Lead 24k gold company Vietnam Gold Company trading around 51.2 - 52 million dong / tael, moving sideways and afternoon selling compared to the closing price before. The difference of buying - selling is VND 800,000 / tael. Throughout, the domestic gold market is still gloomy due to the lack of large investors. The gold price sessions are adjusted to be mainly, but the price of the price adjusts narrowly from 20,000 to VND 20,000 / tael. Week, SJC gold price in the free market and in Doji Group increased by 100,000 dong / tael compared to Price opening in the week. SJC gold price in Phu Quy increased by 220,000 dong / tael. The family commented, the domestic gold price was still difficult, because the macro economy was still promising. The stock market despite entering the correction, but still welcomed the amount of liquidity to increase sharply. This shows that the investors are still looking for profits from the profitable assets as stocks, so the Risk Room Property is gold that has not received the support of cash flow.

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