Gold Price Today 11/26/2021 Forecasts Increase Or Decrease?

Gold prices today November 26 in the domestic market and the world forecast to increase or decrease? Gold price SJC 9999 Doji PNJ closed the session yesterday? How much does it cost today? Today's gold price increase or decrease? Forecast of gold price today 26/11 world gold price today Gold price today 26 / 11 on Kitco (at 7:00 on Vietnam time) is trading at 1,791.7 - 1,792.2 USD / ounce. Spot gold price is at 1,788.40 USD / ounce; Mitigured 2

.60 USD / ounce. World gold price today moved slightly after moving sideways in the previous sessions. The gold market has not recovered to the 1,800 USD / ounce threshold this week due to inflation is still taking place and expects Fed to speed up the monetary tightening policy
The Fed policy makers said they will Ready to accelerate the removal of bond purchase programs if inflation remains high and rapidly raising interest rates. The latest world gold price of November 26, 2021 (as of 7:00). Photo Kitco raises interest rates will reduce the attractiveness of gold, because higher interest rates increase the opportunity cost of holding non-profitable assets such as gold. The exchange rate of the dollar / VND of Vietcombank is 22,775 , the world gold price is equivalent to 49.14 million dong / tael; lower than 11.03 million dong / tael compared to the domestic gold price. So, the gold price today on November 26, 2021 (at 7:00) in the world market is trading around 1,791 USD / ounce. In the domestic gold price today, the trading session yesterday, the domestic gold price fluctuated slightly from 50 to 100,000 dong / tael compared to the beginning of yesterday., the price of SJC gold moves with the session, sealing Listed in Hanoi with 59.45 - 60
17 million VND / kg (Buy - Sell - Sell). While, PNJ gold price is growing slightly by 50,000 dong / tael in 2 ways to buy and sell. Currently listing at 59.45 - 60.15 million dong / tael (buying - selling) similarly, gold price 9999 in Phu Quy Group is increasing 100,000 dong / tael in the purchase and constant in the sale direction; Transactions at 59.50 - 60.15 million dong / tael (buying - sold). Doji gold price in Hanoi is decreasing a slightly 50,000 dong / sense of selling and constant in the afternoon of purchase and listing With 59.35 - 60.15 million dong / tael (buying - sold). Domestic gold price often fluctuates according to the world market. Therefore, it is forecast that the gold price today November 26 in the domestic market will tend to move sideways at the beginning of the morning. The latest gold price today is the price list of 9999, 24k, 18k, 14k, 10k SJC At the end of the session on November 25, 2021. Unit: thousand dong / tael. Gold price gold price 9999, 24k 18k 14k 10k SJC closed yesterday 25/11 / 2021 Nghiem

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