Gold Price Today 14/9/2021 Forecasts Increase Or Decrease?

Gold price Today 14/9/2021 in the domestic market and the world forecasts increase or decrease? Gold price closed yesterday today? 0: 00/2: 58 South Vietnam quotes today 14/9/2021 Increasing the decrease? Forecast of gold prices today 14/9 forecast gold prices Today today gold price today 14/9 on Kitco floor (at 6:30 on Vietnam time) is trading at 1,793.1 - 1,793.6 USD / ounce. October gold futures price increased by 6.7 USD; At 1,793

.5 USD / ounce. The world gold price today fluctuates slightly after a strong increase in nearly 1,800 USD / ounce. Earlier, the gold market fluctuated in a large amplitude was because the dollar continued to recover while the reduced US bond yields increased the attractiveness of the latest metal gold price
Now 14/9/2021 (as of 6:30). KitCo photos, investors are still monitoring US consumer price data expected to be announced today 14/9, as this may affect the time the FED gradually draws economic support measures . According to the expert's judgment, the price of gold price is still increasing, but with a growth rate is not strong enough to support a large-scale purchase reduction in the exchange rate of USD / VND of Vietcombank ( 22,870 VND / USD), the world gold price is equivalent to 49.29 million dong / tael, lower than 8.41 million dong / tael compared to the domestic gold level. So, gold price today 14/9/2021 ( At 6:30) in the world market trading around 1,793 USD / ounce. The domestic gold price reported today, yesterday's trading session, domestic gold prices did not have much clear fluctuations compared to the session. Body, SJC gold price (Hanoi) continues to maintain stable and listed at 56.60 - 57.32 million dong / tael (buy - sell)
The order, gold price in Bao Tin Minh Chau And PNJ gold price continues to go g. In particular, PNJ gold price maintained listed at 56.80 - 57.60 million dong / tael in buying - selling. Gold price 9999 at Phu Quy also exception is still listed at the threshold 56 , 65 - 57.65 million VND / tael in buying - sold; Unchanged from the beginning of the session, Doji gold price is decreasing slightly by 50,000 dong / tael in the sale, currently listed at 56.60 - 57.70 million dong / tael (buying - selling). Gold price In the country often fluctuates according to the world market. Therefore, the gold price forecast today 14/9 in the domestic market may increase sharply in the first and decrease in the next sessions. The latest gold price today is the price of SJC, Doji, PNJ, gold price 9999, 24k, 18k, 14k, 10k closing the session on September 13, 2021. Gold price SJC, Doji, PNJ, gold price 9999, 24k, 18k, 14k, 10k at the end of yesterday 13/9 / 2021 strictly

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